Eventective is excited to introduce our new event management experience for event professionals. Redesigned for ease of use on any desktop or mobile browser.


The new Inbox experience presents the same information and functionality as our legacy site, but in a more efficient way. The revised layout allows users to respond to event requests (Referrals and Leads) more easily.

  1. Folders are now Filters – Previously organized as folders, events with different statuses (Booked, Lost, Deleted) are now selected using the filters. The Filter defaults to all Open Referrals and Leads. You can also filter requests by event type and profile name—if you manage more than one event business.
  2. Quickly respond to inquiries at the bottom of the conversation timeline. Configured to feel like a text conversation, this experience is even more familiar on a mobile device.
  3. Event and Contact details are available in the right-hand pane for quick reference.
  4. Your unread message count is visible in the top right, with quick links to messages that may be in other statuses.
  5. Create Tasks relevant to the event you are viewing. Choose the Tasks tab in the Messages pane to Add or view Tasks for the selected event. Read more about Tasks here.

The mobile inbox experience spreads the action across three screens, easily navigable at the top:

Inobox Mobile Experience

Lead Market

The Lead Market is where users can browse all the event requests submitted in their area. Those with an Eventective subscription can pursue these requests and compete for events that look promising. The new Lead Market interface will feel familiar and more efficient at the same time.

The left pane displays a list of all the events planned in your area that meet your criteria as an event business.  Easily filter these event opportunities by event type or date.

  1. Send a quick message to the Planner with the Contact button. Users have the option of composing a new message or choosing from stored Templates to save time.
  2. Optionally, the To Inbox button moves the request to the Inbox where users can view contact information to reach out via phone or personal email.

The mobile experience for the Lead Market is quick and easy:

Lead Market Mobile Experience


Eventective profile settings are now in one convenient place. Allowing users to easily configure and optimize each profile.

  1. Lead Market Filters – control which competitive Leads you want to see based on factors that best meet your event business offering.
  2. Notifications – configure how you receive email and text notifications about event opportunities on Eventective.
  3. Availability Calendar – optionally display your availability on your profile and configure instant responses.
  4. Response Templates – create and edit your personalized response templates.
  5. Payment Methods – create or configure your payment methods.
  6. Manage Users – add Admins or Users to give your team access to your Eventective account. Learn more about Users here.
  7. Link to Your Profile – add a link to your Eventective profile with html code for your website.
  8. Hide/Delete Your Profile – Temporarily hide or permanently delete your profile on Eventective if needed.

More to Come

These changes are the foundation for a whole host of new features we are planning to roll out over the coming months. We hope that you enjoy them and look forward to bringing you more events in the years to come.

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