Eventective delivers a constant stream of opportunities to win event business. Event inquiries submitted through the site come in two varieties: Referrals and Competitive Leads.

  • A Referral is a request submitted directly to your business and is always free.
  • A Competitive Lead is generated when someone planning an event expresses interest in hearing from multiple Event Professionals in their area, instead of one in particular.

Referrals – Don’t Ignore

Referral on Phone

A Referral is created when one of our users clicks on your Eventective profile to request additional information specifically from you. This is no different than a potential client reaching out through your website or via phone—you don’t ignore inbound requests.

You receive Eventective Referrals through your email as soon as they are submitted by our users. They are also available through your Eventective Inbox. If you don’t click through to view the client contact information, we send you a weekly Referral Digest letting you know that you have interested customers waiting to hear from you. Contact them even if you can’t accommodate their request—they may have the flexibility with their date, their headcount, and even their budget.

Leads – Compete for More

Eventective Laptop Leads

Competitive Leads represent an opportunity for you to compete with other professionals in your area for event business. They are generated when users indicate that they are interested in hearing from event professionals who may be able to help with their request.

Only service providers such as caterers, DJs, and photographers or venues with a paid Subscription can respond to Leads.

If, after reviewing a Lead, you are able to determine that your business might be a good fit for the event being planned, go ahead and respond to it. If not, delete the lead and move on.

Optionally, receive Competitive Leads in your email inbox as they are submitted, or view them in the Lead Market to manage and pursue at your leisure.

Lead Digest – See What’s in Store

Lead Digest

If you are not receiving lead notifications via email, we’ll send you the Lead Digest. Published twice a week, the Lead Digest is a summary of recent event inquiries submitted in your area. The Lead Digest gives you an idea of what events are being planned on Eventective and what sort of business you could win by following up.

Configure your Lead Market Settings to identify the types of event inquiries which are most appropriate for your business. The more filters you apply, the fewer leads you will see—but they will be more qualified for you.

Note that Lead Market Settings do not apply to Referrals. To pre-qualify your Referrals, it is best to update your Eventective profile with quality images, photos, and information about the types of events you can accommodate.