As a Provider, getting traffic to your listing is a top priority. After all, planners can’t book you if they can’t find your listing! That’s why the Eventective advantage is so powerful. We work tirelessly to bring traffic to your listing.

Eventective Traffic Sources

Nearly 80% of listing traffic originates from one of the three biggest search engines. The remaining 20% comes from other websites, or directly searches on the Eventective website. The chart below shows the source of listing traffic to Eventective over the course of a year.

The typical Eventective visitor starts their event search by opening their favorite browser and typing in a search term such as “affordable party rental locations in Atlanta.” And Eventective is one of the top results for many event-related search terms. Visitors who click on an Eventective results will most likely end up on one of our Browse pages. The Browse page displays venues and vendors in the area, so visitors can quickly view available options.

Featured Listings

Most of the Browse pages feature Eventective Subscribers at the top. These listings are seen first by visitors–which is important, because visitors don’t spend a lot of time on a given website or page. Eventective visitors only spend an average of 4 1/2 minutes on the site, and view an average of four pages. Displaying at the top is an advantage, because there isn’t much time to catch a visitor’s attention!

Better Listings Get More Traffic

Whether or not you are a Subscriber, there are ways to enhance your listing and attract visitors. Simple elements–such as a good photo, descriptive text, pricing, and recommendations–will stand out to the visitor. The more a venue or vendor appears to offer, the more interested a visitor will be.

For example, Hut Spot Facilities is a private event space provider with several locations in the Atlanta, GA area. They have sample pricing and recommendations to help their listing stand out from the crowd. As an Eventective Premium Subscriber, they received more than 2,700 listing views and over 600 clicks to their website over a six-month period. Search phrases that bring visitors to their listing include “hut villa event lounge”, “Party venues in Marietta GA”, “Baby shower venue in Kennesaw”, and “banquet hall in cobb county”.


Marketing your business is a challenging task. But Eventective makes it a little easier to catch the attention of the event-planning public. No matter how you are marketing yourself, the only way to know which of your efforts is paying off is to ask your clients where they heard about you.