Eventective Laptop Leads

Eventective generates so many event requests, your Inbox can get overwhelming. However, the Inbox filter and search features make it simple to find events and manage requests. The Filter functionality includes checkboxes to display only Leads or Referrals, unread messages, or flagged events. Combine filters with event status and event type for quick reference. Additionally, the keyword search box will find an event in your inbox with a specific date, requestor’s name, or request ID.

Find Events with Filter

Access the Inbox filter at the top of the Inbox via the icon to the right of the Search box.  The default view includes both Referrals and Leads in an Open status. A checkmark within the icon indicates when the filter is in use.

To work Referrals, filter your Inbox to display Referrals only.  To work Leads, filter your Inbox to show Leads only.

Display unread messages with the Unread Only checkbox, or use the quick links under the Notifications bell to find unread messages in any Status.

Filter Unread Messages

Filter your Inbox to display events that you have Flagged for your own purposes.

Display Flagged Events

Select a Status to see events you have moved to other statuses – Booked, Lost, or Deleted. Also filter by Event Type to show requests received for specific event types. Combine filters to narrow the results.

Filter by Status and Type

Note: The event Status defines the results of the search criteria.  For example, selecting Flagged Only without changing the Status will only show Flagged events in the Open status.  To see Flagged Lost events, you will need to choose Lost status.

Search Events by Keyword

We also offer a powerful keyword search that enables you to find events occurring within a given month, on a certain day of the week, or on a specific date. Search a guest’s name or any other keyword you may recall from their event request. 

Combine search functionality with any of the filters above. Again, search only applies within the status that is currently displayed – unless you choose to search by Request ID. Request ID will return the event you specify, regardless of status.

Keyword Search

In addition to your Inbox, the Lead Market is equipped with similar search features.  You can easily filter the Lead Market by event type, or search for events on a specific date or weekday, etc. Focus your attention on winning event business with Inbox filter features.