Eventective Availability Calendar

Introducing Calendar Availability

Check out the Eventective Calendar Availability Feature. Calendar Availability helps venues focus on the business they want and filter out events they cannot accommodate, based on the date requested.

Your Eventective Calendar can only be edited by logged-in users authorized by the profile owner. Once logged in, event managers can mark dates as Not Available. Eventective will automatically notify future requests when the selected event date is unavailable and optionally filter out Competitive Leads as well.

Each profile has full control over the Calendar Availability Feature in the Availability Settings section of My Eventective.

Current options include:

  • Toggle the Availability Template on or off 
  • Customize your Availability Template
  • Toggle lead filtering on or off
  • Display your Availability on your public profile

Calendar Availability

The Calendar Availability Feature starts with the Calendar.  Once you are signed into Eventective, use the Calendar link in the top menu on any page to access your Availability Calendar.

Booked or closed on a specific date? Update your Eventective Availability Calendar with the Not Available label. Thereafter, future event requests for that date will receive an automatic response from your venue.

Note: Users managing multiple venues must first choose the appropriate venue from the dropdown at the top of the calendar.

To mark a date as Not Available in the Calendar, click or tap and select Mark as Not Available.

Desktop users can select a date range by selecting multiple consecutive days on the Calendar.  Click and drag to select a range, or click on the starting date, then press the shift key on the keyboard before selecting the end date of the range.  Then, click within the selected date range and choose Mark as Not Available to mark the days selected. This functionality is not currently available on mobile devices.

To make a date or range Available, click or tap the Not Available label and choose Mark as Available.

Additionally, if your venue is closed on specific days of the week or months of the year, you can block those quickly using the tools at the bottom of the calendar. Closed Mondays? Use the Recurring Days Not Available to block off all Mondays. Not open in January? Select the appropriate months in Recurring Months Not Available.

Event Detail

Quickly view and change Availability from an individual request.  When you open the Event Detail, the Availability section checks your Eventective Availability Calendar and indicates when the requested Date is Available or the Date is Not Available

Change your Availability for the event date using the Mark as Not Available/Mark as Available link.

Note: Marking a specific event date as Not Available from the Event Detail does not send a response to the event planner submitting that particular request. Auto-responses are sent to future requests for that specific date.

Referral Auto-Response

Eventective will send an automatic response template for Referrals requesting an event date marked as Not Available.  There is a default Availability Template provided for this feature. Customize or disable the Template in Availability Settings.

A copy of the auto response appears in the request timeline on the Event Detail along with any other request activity.

Lead Filters

The Calendar Availability Feature allows venues to focus on winning business for available dates.  If you choose, filter out future Competitive Leads using your Availability Calendar. When turned on, you will not receive leads requesting dates marked as Not Available. There is no need to review requests you cannot accommodate.

This option can be configured in Lead Filters or in Availability Settings.

Display Availability

Save time and money by optionally displaying your availability on your Eventective profile. Price and availability are the two most important factors people consider when planning an event online. Immediately address those considerations and improve the quality of inquiries received.

The public profile calendar only displays those days you have marked as Not Available in your Availability Calendar. Tentative or booked events recorded in your calendar are not shown. Planners see at a glance which days you can accommodate and submit their request for open dates – eliminating the need for back and forth over availability.

Display your Availability on your profile with one click in Availability Settings.


With the addition of our Calendar Availability feature, Eventective makes winning event business easier and more efficient for venues. Update and maintain availability in your calendar to take advantage of automated referral responses, filter out competitive leads for unavailable dates, and even display those dates on your Eventective profile.

We hope that you enjoy this new feature. Please contact your Account Manager directly with feedback, or email us at CS@eventective.com.