Have you ever received an event request for 100 people with an unrealistic budget, or for a date that you are already booked? Although we always recommend replying to requests — even those you cannot accommodate —that can take a lot of time and money if it happens enough.

Most often, those requests come from planners who don’t know your price range or available dates. Because they don’t know up front that their event doesn’t align with your business, they submit a request to find out. By adding pricing and availability to your profile, you will receive the highest quality requests for your business, saving you valuable time and money.

“With so many planners coming to our site right now, you can spend valuable time weeding through every request—or you can add pricing and availability and focus on business that fits.”

Steve Robertson, Eventective CEO

Your customers want to know your pricing and your availability up front, before they submit a request. In fact, those are the two most important features they want your listing to have — we know because we asked!

If a planner knows that you’re unavailable on their preferred date or that you’re over their budget, they won’t waste their time (or yours!) submitting a request. No more negotiating with requests that come in under budget or responding just to tell them you’re booked that day. 

The Importance of Pricing

Pricing is the #1 thing that Eventective customers want to see on your venue profile. More than 95% of survey respondents said that upfront pricing was absolutely essential or very important to know before booking. Your customers don’t want to contact you to find out pricing—they’re more likely to move on to the next venue that does display pricing, even if it’s not their first choice. All you have to do to keep interested planners, well, interested is list your pricing.

To add pricing to your profile, you don’t have to provide one single price point. Instead, you can display pricing bundles with catering included or post price ranges to accommodate different headcounts. Adding pricing is an easy way to give planners what they want, encouraging them to book with you because they know you’re within their budget. Without pricing, you’ll constantly be fighting off under-budget events and negotiating rates.

Want to learn why pricing is so important and how to add it to your Eventective profile? Watch this quick, one-minute tutorial!

The Importance of Availability

After pricing, calendar availability is the #2 thing that Eventective users want to see on venue profiles. In total, nearly 90% of survey respondents said calendar availability was absolutely essential or very important. Just like pricing, people planning events need to see if you fit within their timeline. Some may have specific dates in mind, while others are flexible as long as it’s a weekend in March. Either way, you’ll get crossed off the list if the planner can’t confirm your availability without calling.

We added Calendar Availability to your profile (and everyone else’s!) to address this need for Eventective users. With Calendar Availability, you can tell customers which days you’re free and even block off personal or vacation days. Plus, you can allow planners to see the calendar on your profile. So if you keep it updated, they’ll always know when you’re available.


Adding pricing and availability benefits both you and your customers. Your customers will have all the information they need to confirm that you’re the perfect venue for them. As a result, you’ll receive more targeted requests that will save you time and money.

If you have any questions about your profile, your account manager is always happy to help. When you call or email, you’re connected with a real person. That’s part of our commitment to you, so you can get the most out of your Eventective profile.