Although podcasts have been around since the early 2000s, their rise in popularity is a little more recent than that. In 2018, there were a mere 18.5 million podcast episodes on iTunes. But now, in 2021, that number jumped to 43 million episodes in just three years. And with podcasts discussing the history of gnomes and crow funerals, there seems to be a podcast for everything. Yes—by everything, we mean wedding podcasts, too!

There are dozens and dozens of wedding podcasts out there, full of helpful tips and industry tricks. But you can’t listen to them all! Well, you could—but that wouldn’t leave you with much time to plan your wedding. So, to save you a few dozen hours of listening time, we rounded up the seven best wedding podcasts in 2021. Of course, some of them may not be relevant to you. But the ones you do choose to explore have hours of help for your upcoming nuptials. (Plus some other fun resources, like online communities and on-theme swag.)

If you’re already listening to a wedding podcast that isn’t on this list—share it with us in the comments! We’d love to know who you’re listening to and why. Your recommendation may even make it on our next podcast round-up.

Most Popular

most popular wedding podcasts


Host: Aleisha McCormack
Listen on: Apple Podcasts & Spotify

Bridechilla is one of the most popular wedding podcasts out there. With over 400 episodes, a private Facebook community, and 13.5k followers on Instagram, Aleisha McCormack has certainly made an impact in the wedding-planning community. Her podcast covers all the topics—really! From timelines to mental health and family dynamics, McCormack’s podcast is “bullshit-free and keeps it real.”

Although she’s taking a break until further notice, you won’t have time to miss getting new content. In addition to hundreds of podcast episodes, Mccormack also offers planning guides and a blog for a well-rounded approach to wedding planning. It’s no wonder Bridechilla is one of the most popular wedding podcasts out there!

Top Picks

Hue I Do

Host: Ashleigh (Whitby) Coffie & Toniah Pary
Listen on: Website, Apple & Google Podcasts, Spotify & more

Formerly known as the Black Wedding Podcast, the renamed Hue I Do is changing the wedding podcast landscape. After noticing a lack of Black representation, bride Ashliegh Coffie and maid of honor Toniah Pary started their own podcast to highlight Black brides, grooms, wedding parties, and vendors while educating listeners on the complexities of wedding planning.

In every episode, Coffie and Pary invite a wedding expert to join, and the group dives into the episode’s topic. From memorializing loved ones to wedding contracts and inviting kids to the wedding, the BFF duo cover important day-of topics that we don’t talk about enough. What’s more, they have a running list of Black wedding vendors and photographers in the Atlanta area!

This vs. That Wedding Podcast

Host: Kelly McWilliams
Listen on: Website, Apple & Google Podcasts, Spotify & more

Veteran wedding planner Kelly McWilliams launched This vs. That Wedding Podcast with a unique style. Instead of covering a specific topic in each episode, McWilliams compares two different ways to do the same thing in each episode. For example, she has an episode on putting your hair up vs. wearing it down, and one on assigned seating vs. open seating. Where most podcasts would discuss seating or hairstyle, This vs. That gets into the pros and cons of each decision.

Season 1 discusses all those early-planning decisions for your big day, and it’s available now for listening. Season 2 is coming soon, with topics like traditional vs. modern music and writing vows vs. traditional vows.

Super Gay Wedding

Hosts: Cindy Savage & Amanda Summerlin
Listen on: Website, Apple Podcasts & Spotify

In case the title isn’t super obvious, the Super Gay Wedding podcast talks about weddings from an LGBTQ+ perspective. Together, real queer wedding planner Cindy Savage and super gay wedding photographer Amanda Summerlin combine their expertise to interview both wedding professionals and individuals planning their wedding from the LGBTQ+ community.

The duo talks everything from tailors to COVID-19 and hiring a wedding planner without the BS, but with the snark. You can even sign up to be on the podcast yourself and share your own experience and expertise. Plus, they have an active Facebook group and a super gay merch store!

Specialty Weddings

Disney Wedding Podcast

Host: Carrie Hayward
Listen on: Website

If you’re planning—or thinking about planning—a wedding at any Disney location, then the Disney Wedding Podcast is a must-listen for you! Host Carrie Hayward gives you episodes full of Disney wedding inspiration, from ceremonies to honeymoons and vow renewals. Each episode features a couple who hosted their nuptial celebration at one of the Disney locations. With 4,000+ weddings at U.S. Disney locations each year, there is plenty of inspiration and success stories to learn from!

In additional to regular episodes, the Disney Wedding Podcast website offers a detailed guidebook along with pricing guides and links to book important elements of your Disney wedding. With all these resources, you’ll be fully prepared to help your dream come true.

The Outdoor Wedding Guide

Host: Emily & Alan Braithwaite
Listen on: iTunes, Spotify & SoundCloud

The UK-based Outdoor Wedding Guide is hosted by husband and wife duo Emily and Alan. As outdoor wedding specialists themselves, they are out to answer your most common questions about planning outdoor weddings. Just like a Disney wedding has unique factors, outdoor weddings have their own particulars to navigate. For example, how do you keep your cake from melting if it’s warm out, or your flowers from wilting in the humidity? You can plan your outdoor wedding like a pro with Emily and Alan’s help.

In addition to their podcast, they host a private Facebook community and a six-module outdoor wedding planning course. You can purchase the modules individually for the areas you need help with, or you can grab the full course with all the wonderful content.

Just For Fun

7 best wedding podcasts

Wedding Confessionals

Host: Pam Daniels & Brooke Murdock
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify & more

Let’s face it—weddings can be intense. From pushy parents (or in-laws!) to difficult friends, we all have a wedding nightmare story or two. Well, Wedding Confessionals wants to hear those nightmares! Podcast guests share their ridiculous wedding experiences in each episode with honesty and humor. Then, Pam and Brooke read anonymous confessions that listeners submit online and offer advice. (You can submit your own story on the website!)

While you will get solid wedding advice from the episodes, the focus is on safely sharing your experiences so you feel less alone and stressed about your big day. (Or your friend’s big day or your sibling’s big day.) Honesty and humor bring welcome joy to what can be an overwhelming time in anyone’s life.


With so many wedding podcasts, it can be hard to choose! That’s why we rounded up our seven favorite for you. But, as always, we encourage you to do your own research and find the ‘cast that’s best for you. After all, it’s your special day and you know what kind of advice you need!

Which of these podcasts sounds the most interesting to you? What wedding podcasts are you already listening to?