From cakes with edible flowers to cake pops, single-serve cakes, or even pies, there have been many wedding cake trends over the years. 

The latest wedding cake trend is nothing new. Couples are paying tribute to a nineteenth-century cake decorating style with vintage-inspired Lambeth cakes. Keep reading to learn where this vintage wedding cake trend originated and why it’s all the rage. 

What is the Lambeth Method

Named after cake decorator Joseph Lambeth, this style of cake was first popularized in the 1930’s after he published the book Lambeth Method of Cake Decorating and Practical Pastries. His signature style features heavy piping, symmetrical designs, and romantic details like ruffles and arches. Many of these vintage-inspired cakes also feature cherries for a tasteful topping and are baked in either a round or heart shape. 

Some people also refer to this style of cake decorating as Victorian piping since Victorian architecture featured similar details in excess. In other words, Lambeth cakes are the antithesis of the minimalist naked wedding cake trend that has been so popular in recent years. 

Traditional Lambeth cakes used royal icing for piping while today’s bakers favor buttercream for a more palatable flavor. Modern-day Lambeth cakes may also feature a short, sometimes cheeky, message written in cursive piping. 

While a popular choice for romantic occasions, this style of cake is not just for weddings. A quick scroll through your “For You” page will show social media users enjoying Lambeth cakes at picnics, birthday parties, and baby showers.

Why it’s Trending

If the trend originated nearly a century ago, why the sudden cake craze? As with most of today’s trends, social media played a large part in the resurgence of Lambeth-style cakes. These cakes are beautiful to look at and photograph well — it’s no wonder they’re all over your FYP! 

Some bakers associate the trend with pandemic-era baking since cake enthusiasts had time to perfect their piping skills. Others attribute it to the rise of the cottage core aesthetic. This style focuses on romantic details in a simple but maximalist approach. The more ruffles, the better! 

Additionally, young adults in the Gen Z and Millennial demographics are known for their obsession with vintage clothing and home goods. It makes sense that they would choose a wedding cake style that reflects their love for old things made new. Wherever the trend resurfaced from, we’re not complaining. Lambeth cakes are bringing us back to the days of yore and helping us channel our inner romantics. 

How to Choose a Wedding Cake Style

For some couples, a wedding cake is just that — a cake. But for others, it’s an opportunity to showcase your style as a couple and share your favorite dessert with the people you love most. 

Wedding cake topper

Not sure what to pick? Here are some tips to help you choose your wedding cake style, Lambeth or otherwise.

  • First, think about your favorite desserts. Are you a cake person or do you prefer a different type of dessert? Chocolate or vanilla? Start with your personal preference and go from there. 
  • Next, think about your guests. How many people are you inviting? Are there many picky eaters or gluten-intolerant guests? This will help you determine how much you need to order and if you’d like to offer an alternative to cake. 
  • Now, evaluate your budget. How much do you want to spend on a wedding cake? They can be surprisingly expensive. If money is tight, consider a small cake for the cutting ceremony and order a large sheet cake for your guests to enjoy.  
  • Lastly, don’t forget the cake topper! This is your final chance to add a touch of whimsy to your wedding cake. Keep it traditional with a replica of you and your beau, or spice things up with a miniature pair of your favorite animals or comic book characters. 

If the revival of vintage wedding cakes has taught us nothing, it’s a good reminder that trends come and go… and often return a few decades later. Don’t feel pressured to serve a certain type of cake just because it’s all over the internet.

Rachel Kauffman is a Detroit-based content writer, bookworm, and cat mom to two feisty felines.