Much like rustic weddings have gained momentum over the past few years, naked wedding cakes are increasing in popularity, too. Perfect for any season, naked wedding cakes are decorated and constructed like any other wedding cake. Except they aren’t covered in frosting or fondant! Instead of a concealing layer after the cake is assembled, naked wedding cakes are left, well, naked–letting you see the layers of cake underneath. The end result is a towering chic dessert that doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

Because naked wedding cakes can be decorated like any other wedding cake, you can absolutely find the perfect cake for your special day. Below, we sample just a few ideas for every season. From flowers and pastels to fruit and succulents–there’s a naked wedding cake for you! Of course, be sure to discuss these plans with your baker. Because the layers of cake are exposed, they dry out faster than fully covered cake. That means your cake should be baked the day before your wedding, and it shouldn’t sit for too long. It’s totally do-able–you’ll just have to coordinate with your baker ahead of time!


Springtime is perfect for pastel blues and pink flowers. The earth wakes up again in the spring, so your naked wedding cake should be full of life. You can add color flowers to match your wedding palette, or you can keep it simple and monochromatic for your minimalist wedding. Either way, the half-covered layers will feel fresh against real flowers and hand-picked fruits.

The beauty of naked wedding cakes is that they can handle minimal decorations or a lot of them! So if you want to go a little overboard with the flowers, request a cake with more tiers. This will give you the space to add lots of decorations, while keeping the cake visible. On the other hand, if you want a simple, clean cake, you can get away with a shorter one so it doesn’t look so sparse.


Of course, floral and fruit themes continue into the summertime. But as you can see from the above pictures, you don’t have to follow the naked wedding cake trend completely. For example, you can choose to cover one tier entirely, for a more elegant look. On the other hand, you can cover all the layers slightly with different materials, like edible lace. Even though naked wedding cakes are their own trend, don’t be afraid to mix in other trends, too.

The base of your cake also has a lot of potential. You can set the summertime theme by lining fruit along the bottom tier or placing the cake on a bed of fresh flowers. The items at your base don’t have to be edible, because they’re not on the cake. Instead, they just have to look pretty! That way, you can set the scene without over-decorating your cake.


Because naked wedding cakes are most commonly a rustic type of cake, they fit in perfectly with any fall-themed wedding. Many couples add succulents, seasonal fruits, and greenery to their wedding tiers–and naked cakes are no exception. Dark fruits and deep green garnishes contrast against the little bit of white frosting and golden brown cake layers.

If you want to place lots of garnish on every layer, we recommend adding a little bit more frosting than an average naked cake. That way, you’ll still have the naked cake effect, but the fruit and other decorations aren’t lost against the cake. Instead, they’ll pop against the mostly white background. However, a sparsely decorated naked cake means you can also have a sparsely frosted cake. Instead of being the focal point, the add-ons become complements to the cake itself, and you can get away with minimal coverage.


The fruits, flowers, and plants still appear in the wintertime; it’s just a matter of choosing the right colors! Rich, dark colors like reds and purples are perfect for the colder winter months. And a mostly blank wedding cake is reminiscent of the snowfall in many states. For an extra creative touch, you can even sprinkle sugar on your cake to give the effect of fallen snow. (Much like the middle image above!)

Don’t be afraid to add elements from nature, too! There’s still plenty of life in the winter time, like pine cones, evergreens, and holly. Perhaps the easiest way to decorate your cake is the look at your wedding bouquets. What flowers are you using? Do you incorporate any non-floral elements? Use those same features on your winter wedding cake for seamless decorations!


Naked wedding cakes are perfect for any season. All you need is a little bit of fruit or some in-season flowers and just enough frosting. You can make the cake as tall or short as you need it to accommodate your guest list and your wedding theme. And remember–not every layer has to be naked. You can mix and match other wedding cake trends for a unique dessert!

What do you think about the naked wedding cake trend? Which season is your favorite?

naked wedding cakes for every season