Party favors are an exciting treat for anyone who attends your event. They’re a way to celebrate your time together and show your appreciation. But with social distancing in place, many in-person events have turned virtual. And while that does mean that some event traditions are different—like group photos—not everything has to change. You can still show your appreciation for your guests by mailing party favors.

Mailing party favors can be done two ways: before the event and after the event. By mailing your favors before the event, your guests can enjoy the special items during the event—they can wear their new t-shirt and sip their coffee in their new mug. You can even plan fun activities with the items in the goodie bag to engage your audience.

On the other hand, you can mail the favors to arrive a day or two post-event. That way, you can follow up with your guests and stay fresh on their mind. Of course, the right timing will depend on the type of event. If you want a really interactive event, then send those party favors early! But if you want to offer post-event resources—mailing after the fact is best.

What Can’t You Mail?

mailing party favors

Whenever you decide to mail your favors, you will have to follow some universal guidelines. Although you can mail most things—you can’t mail everything. USPS, FedEx, or UPS all have restrictions, and you should check with your local office before sending anything intricate or delicate.

In general, you can’t mail perishable foods that need to be kept cold, alcohol, marijuana, or anything flammable. (The flammable restrictions include certain common items, like nail polish and perfume, so it’s not totally irrelevant to party favors!)

If you want to mail prohibited items—like a nice bottle of wine—you can order online from an approved vendor and have it shipped to your guests. Of course, they may not receive it with your other items, but the gesture will still be there!

What Can You Mail?

Don’t worry—there are still plenty of things that you can mail! Below, we’ve compiled a list of seven mail-friendly ideas for your party favors. You can pick one or you can create a lovely basket of goodies for your guests to enjoy. No matter what items you choose to send, presentations matters! Yes, the items may get a little shuffled in transit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some tissue paper or confetti.

Baked Goods & Candy

Perfect for: Large events

You can’t mail perishable foods, but you can still mail all sorts of other treats! Add some chocolate candies to your party favor box or a few scones from a local bakery. If you know your audience is full of bakers, then send them the dry ingredients to make their own yummy favor. If you’re worried about packaging, you can always order a custom gift from an online vendor and ship them directly to your audience with a personalized note.

Gift Cards

Perfect for: Local events

If you’re worried about packaging and protecting fragile items—like crumbly cookies!—keep it simple and send a gift card. While gift cards can seem impersonal, that doesn’t have to be the case. Instead of sending everyone the same card, customize their party favor. For example, send a gift card to a restaurant that’s local to the recipient. You can even have guests choose their own gift card at sign up! When a guest signs up, have them choose from 3 or 4 options to be mailed after the event.

Canvas Totes

Perfect for: Any event!

Canvas totes are a perfect party favor for almost any event. Hosting a product launch or fundraiser? A tote bag can be personalized with a company logo or brand slogan. Or maybe you’re throwing a bachelorette party. You can customize each tote with the bridesmaid’s name! Plus, the canvas totes do the packing for you. Instead of organizing the items in a box or basket, you can carefully fill the bag and place it in the box—logo or name side up.

Spa Package

Perfect for: Self-improvement events

mailing party favors like spa packages

Encourage your attendees to relax and recharge with your party favors! You can mail soaps, lip balms, candles, and even bath salts. Of course, we recommend using plastic or tin containers—just to make sure no glass breaks in transit. Spa items also make perfect fillers if you’re not sure what else to add to finish off your favors.

Swag Items

Perfect for: Product launches

The number one rule of party favors is to give something that your guests will use—even if you’re mailing party favors. So, while a swag bag will definitely keep you top of mind after your event, keep the items reasonable. For example, shirts are difficult if you don’t know your guests’ sizes. But wireless chargers, notebooks, or water bottles are always the right size! It’s important to consider your guest list, too. Are they a tech-savvy crowd or interested in marketing tips? Your swag items should reflect your audience and any themes of your event.

Tea (Leaves) & Coffee (Beans)

Perfect for: Wedding showers

Although you can mail liquid, tea leaves and coffee beans are much more mail friendly! You don’t have to worry about properly sealing the containers, and there isn’t a risk of leaking, either. Plus, you can package the leaves and beans in cute containers or branded tins to show your appreciation that much more. And you get bonus points if your teas and coffee match your event theme! For example, some wedding showers have an afternoon tea theme. Sending tea or coffee as a follow up will give the guests something they can use that reminds them of the event.

Books & Journals

Perfect for: Workshops & conferences

mailing party favors tips and ideas

Give your attendees some pre-event homework, or even somewhere they can put their notes! Books and journals are easy to mail, and they’re definitely items that a guest will use. And although they’re perfect to mail before the event, mailing them after isn’t a bad idea, either. Give your guests the resources to dive deeper into the topics that you discussed in your event, or even a book that you referenced during the speech. That way, the topics are reinforced and the guests have a way to follow up on their newfound knowledge.


The event industry is changing to fit more online and virtual gatherings. And mailing party favors fits perfectly into that new landscape. By mailing party favors, you’re able to connect your guests to your event, and engage them from miles and states away. Although there are a few items that can’t be mailed, the list of items that can be delivered is much longer. Instead of a bag, put your favors in a box and ship away!

Do you think mailing party favors is a good idea? Why or why not?