We’re pretty sure “wedding” and “cake” are synonymous – but what about the decor on the cake? Traditionally, wedding cake toppers have been miniature brides and grooms, but that may not fit your style, vision, or personalities. 

Small details can have a big impact! Make your wedding feel like “you” with all aspects of your wedding decor – big and small. To show off your personality, let your wedding cake topper reflect who you are as a couple.

Wedding cake with flowers
Photo by Brent Keane

Find the Right Wedding Cake Topper for Your Special Day:

Here are a few things to consider when picking a wedding cake topper:

  1. What season are you getting married in?
  2. What kind of cake are you serving? Or are you serving an alternative dessert?
  3. What are you and your partner’s hobbies?
  4. Is there anything that symbolizes your love or relationship?

These questions will help narrow down your decision. Continue reading for a variety of ideas for your wedding cake topper.

14 Wedding Cake Topper Ideas:

Dog wedding cake topper
Photo by Alina T

Pet Figurines

Whether you have a spirit animal or beloved pets, you can put animal figurines on top of your cake. When you’re feeling extra bold, you can recreate you and your spouse as animals, or simply add your furry friends to the cake.


For science lovers, this cake topper is a fun one. Pick your favorite dinosaurs and put them on top of your cake. This is a memorable conversation starter and a funky cake topper your guests are sure to remember.

Mountains or Trees

Do you and your partner love to spend time outdoors? Consider this wedding cake topper idea. It’s also a symbolic one – mountains represent strength, endurance, and the journey you are taking with your partner. Similarly, trees are a great addition, showing the roots you put down and the history you’re building.


Penguins come dressed in formal tuxes – just add a top hat! Certain species of penguins also mate for life, which is a beautiful symbol of your marriage. Having penguins as your wedding cake topper is a cute idea for any animal lovers.


For those brides and grooms who like monograms or want a simple, elegant idea for a cake topper, put your initials on top. You can order custom-made wire-frame letters online or find wood blocks at a craft store and paint them. Just make sure to seal your project with food-safe paint!


If you’re looking for a classic, understated cake topper, use the ampersand: the “&” symbol. You can find a block letter at a craft store or find a metal version to put on top of your cake. 


This one is for the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fans – a nod to the iconic scene where Phoebe tells Ross that Rachel is his “lobster” and they’re meant to be together. These pair of lobsters are ready to navigate life together in holy matrimony! This is also a great idea for any couples from New England or in the lobstering business. 


Unlike the lobster, swans mate for life. With their black and white coloring, they’re already color coordinated with your wedding. Plus, when you put two swans and their elegant necks together, their silhouettes make a heart shape. How romantic! 

Your Names or Last Name

Will you and your spouse share a last name? Try this go-to wedding cake topper idea – especially if your last name is short enough. This idea is one that can match with any color scheme or season.

“Happily Ever After” Quote

Are you a romantic at heart? Maybe you’re looking to build a storybook life and live “happily ever after.” You can find these three-word quote signs for wedding cakes online.

Lego People

Also known as minifigures, Lego people are a great way to show off your personalities. Lego has an actual “bride and groom” or you can customize minifigures to resemble you and your spouse. This idea is super fun and creative!

“I love you / I know” Quote

The Star Wars fans will get this without any context. For those who are unfamiliar, when Leia tells Han Solo she loves him, he assures her that he knows. Find the “I love you / I know” quote cake topper online or have a crafty friend help you make one. 

Heart wedding cake
Photo by Pixabay

The Word “Love”

Finally, an idea that is simple, sweet, and true. If you don’t want to have figurines on the top of your cake, consider the word “love” in your favorite font, or even a heart shape that matches your wedding style.

Ultimately, whatever you decide to do for your big day, the important thing is to enjoy the time spent celebrating your love with the people you love. For more wedding ideas and inspiration, explore our blog.