Cupcake as Alternative to Cake

Wedding cakes are so commonplace that it seems weird to think about not having one. In recent years, however, offering a cake alternative has grown in popularity. While couples still buy a small cake—to slice on the day of and on the one-year anniversary, per tradition—that option doesn’t answer, “What are we going to do for dessert?”

Whatever the reason you decide to skip the cake, there’s an alternative that will still match the theme of your wedding without breaking the bank, either.

Sundae Bar
Perfect For: Family Wedding

If you have a lot of family coming, or are looking to have a casual, friendly vibe at your wedding—serve ice cream! It’s the perfect way to end an evening of celebration and makes your guests feel part of the day when they make their own sundaes.

Bonus Tip: Ask family members to pick their favorite flavors for a homey touch!

Donut Wall
Perfect For: Guest Involvement

We may have written about this before—but can you really blame us? Donut walls are one of the newest trends to surface and they’re delicious! Offer a variety of plain donuts and all the toppings for guests to create their own masterpiece, or choose 2-3 unique flavors for guests to experience gourmet donuts.

Bonus Tip: Don’t have space for a whole wall? Create donut pops by placing plain munchkins on sticks and lay out various dipping stations with sauces and toppings.

Delicious Wedding Cake Alternatives

Perfect For: Barn Weddings

Nothing feels more like home than warm pie, so if you’re going for a cozy fall wedding, pie is your choice. You’re likely to have fewer flavor options, but you can’t beat the authentic rustic feel of a pie. If you’re wedding is small enough, ask friends and family members to bake a pie in lieu of buying a gift. This encourages guest participation and will save you a few dollars as well.

Pastry Buffet
Perfect For: Morning or Day Weddings

On an early, easy morning nothing is better than coffee and pastries. Why not have an early, easy wedding, too? Offer a variety bite-sized pastries so guests can try all the different types, and don’t have to risk dripping jelly on their formal clothes. And make sure you have plenty of napkins!

Pastries as Alternative to Cake

Large Cupcakes
Perfect For: Flavor Variety

While still technically cake-y in nature, cupcakes allow for a variety of flavors so there’s a little something for everyone, and you can request gluten free or vegan for those in attendance with dietary restrictions. Cupcakes also allow you  to decorate the dessert like you would a cake, so you still get the wow factor when the dessert is brought out.

Fruit & Sorbet
Perfect For: Summer or Outdoor Weddings

This lighter option is ideal for featuring the local flavors and colors. Berries rich in color accentuate the bold fall colors, while melons can be shaped into fun shapes like circles and cubes for summertime. Sorbet is also a rare treat that brings an elegance to any event.