Crowd Dancing for Entertainer

As a DJ or entertainer, your top priority is that guests have fun. Whether they’re dancing, laughing, or singing along, you want them to remember, “Wasn’t that party so much fun?” But the challenge is showing customers online—before they’ve danced to your music or laughed at your jokes—that you’re the entertainment their party needs. How do you do that without bringing them to an event? Your photos will tell that story.

You may be wondering if you really need to worry about photos—you are, after all, an entertainer and not a florist or a wedding venue. But photos are absolutely important because they show customers how much fun to expect when they book you. And customers won’t book a DJ or entertainer who their guests won’t enjoy. As you’re choosing what to show, keep these five key photos in mind to help you choose.

Action Shot

This is your most important photo because it shows the guests responding to you. If you’re a DJ, you want a photo of everyone lighting up the dance floor. If you’re an entertainer, show the crowd laughing or engaged with you on stage. Customers want to visualize their friends and family enjoying themselves, and this photo helps them do just that.

Bonus Tip: Video clips are an excellent addition to photos. Keep them under 30 seconds for a short teaser!

Venue Shots

While you don’t necessarily want to advertise for venues (although partnering with local businesses is a great referral technique), you do want to show the caliber of events that you typically book. If you’re a high-end DJ, you want to show that your price point and booking history support that. If you prefer smaller, more intimate venues, your photos should reflect that. This is another way customers are able to visualize booking you for their event.

5 Photos Every Entertainer Needs

Equipment Shot

Preferably, a photo with you in it. Standalone equipment isn’t an engaging photo, and customers will want to put a face to your name—so a picture of you in action, or posed with your equipment, blends that. Bonus points if you can show that you enjoy what you do; if customers know you’re having fun, they know that will translate to the crowd.

Event Shots

Do you typically work birthday parties? Weddings? Private events? Just like venue shots will showcase where you typically entertain, photos taken during various events will showcase what events you typically work. At this point, you may be wondering how you’ll get all these photos. We recommend asking the host or photographer for photos post-event to use on your website—with full credit given, of course!

Wedding Party Dancing Photos

Noteworthy Venues or Awards Shots

If you’ve performed at any prestigious locations, or won any awards, show them off! This will validate your reputation to guests, on top of all the images of guests having fun.

Bonus Tip: Write a 2-3 sentence summary of the location or award, so guests know why it’s important. Link to any websites that give more information.