Pattern At Your Wedding

Color palettes are crucial for any wedding—they determine everything from napkin color to bridesmaids dresses, and sometimes even the venue itself! (We don’t recommend throwing your minimalist wedding in an ornate stone-faced venue.) But even color palettes alone aren’t enough.

Adding just a touch of pattern throughout the day will add a pleasant surprise to your overall ambiance. While large surfaces—like bridesmaid dresses or tablecloths—will look overwhelming in a patterned print, we’re all about small, delicate doses of pattern.

1) Ties or Pocket Squares

Whatever the gentlemen are wearing, there’s a piece that is perfect for pattern. Match a color or two in the pattern to the bridesmaid dresses and you have a winning combo! Because this is sure to be unique, they can double as gifts for the groomsmen.

2) Groomsmen Socks

If you’re aiming for a more casual affair, skip the ties altogether and opt for patterned socks. Just don’t forget to take a photo with the party showing off their matching attire!

Use pattern at your wedding with groomsmen socks

3) Envelopes

Set the patterned stage early with stand-out envelopes for both your Save the Dates and formal invitations. Guests won’t be able to resist opening the mail—and once they know what to look for, they surely won’t miss future wedding mail!

Bonus Tip: Send your thank you cards in a patterned envelope, too. That stand-out pattern will ensure nobody misses their thank you, and feelings aren’t hurt.

4) The Cake

Less common, but definitely statement-making, is a patterned wedding cake. Instead of covering the whole thing in stripes or polka dots, consider adding pattern to every other tier, or even just the bottom one. Enough to stand out without taking the focus off the taste.

Cake with pattern is simple and easy

5) Bows on the Backs of Chairs

This is ideal for smaller venues with fewer chairs, or for chairs lined in a row for a continuous feel. Be sure whichever material you choose is durable enough for the standing and sitting of guests, and not just pretty enough.

6) Bridesmaid Shoes

The groomsmen aren’t the only ones who get to have fun! Patterned bridesmaid shoes is a cute way to ties the party together—especially if the gals get to choose their own dress style. And be sure to capture the photo op with everyone showing off their patterns!

7) Napkins

So we said no patterned tablecloths—but we didn’t say anything about napkins! That’s because napkins are ideal for patterns: They won’t stand out as much as a tablecloth would, and you can wrap them around silverware or use them as a prop for decorative purposes.

8) Bouquet Wrap

Simple and sweet, wrapping your bouquet stems with pattern will create a lovely contrast between bridesmaid dresses walking down the aisle, or around vases as table centerpieces (on those tablecloths that aren’t patterned, right?).

9) Your Favors

Find a simple way to infuse your favors with a touch of pattern—and then use those favors as a decorative piece, either on display or at the tables. That’s décor and favors in one!