Scarves for Wedding Favors

Winter weddings might bring a chill in the air—but they can still bring warmth to your heart. While we always advocate for favors your guests will love and not want to re-gift, winter weddings allow for even cozier takeaways. The key to good wedding favors is to thank your guests for sharing in your special day. During the darkness of wintertime, that means giving your guests a little more TLC.

Your guests are sure to love—and use!—the wedding favors we have compiled below.


If the holiday season is after your special day, become a small part of the tradition buy gifting an ornament. You can personalize it with the date of the nuptial celebration, or keep it simple with a special “happy holidays” message that’s relevant year after year.

Christmas Ornaments for Wedding Favors

Mittens or Scarves

These items serve double duty, as guests can wear them during the celebration as well as after. Because these are articles of clothing, we don’t recommend including any personal dates or initials on them—but we do strongly encourage mushy phrases like “wrapped in love” or “handfuls of love.”

Hot Chocolate Kits

The favor that’s perfect for all ages! In little baggies or mason jars, include all the mix-in’s for a warm cup of cocoa—marshmallows, peppermint sticks, chocolate chips, and of course the powder mix.

Bonus Tip: Include a personalized mixing spoon for a sentimental touch.

Cozy Wedding Favors

Lotions and Lip Balms

It is, after all, the wintertime and everything is dry—including your guests! Go bold and create your own lotion scent for your special day, or choose from pre-selected flavor options. If budget allows, choose 2-3 flavors or scents for guests to trade, so everyone leaves with something they like.


What’s better for ambiance during a dark, winter night than candles? Pick a scent based on the theme of your wedding for guests to remember the fun celebration—match barn weddings with cedar or pine, pair traditional weddings with peppermint or cinnamon, and marry minimalist weddings with vanillas and gingers.


Admittedly, we include candy on almost every favors list—but can you really blame us? Chocolate can easily stand alone, or it can be paired with other wedding favors. If chocolate if the focal point, case it in a nice tin or an easily transportable container for traveling guests.

Tea Cups with Tea

Gift guests an assortment of a few tea flavors and package them up in a nice cup. For this, you can use fancy, more traditional tea cups—or play to your wedding theme and use tin mugs or sleek, handles-less mugs.

Bonus Tip: Offer tea with dessert so guests can sample the flavors ahead of time

Loose Leaf Tea Wedding Favors

Snow Globes

Keep the winter magic alive all year with snow globe wedding favors. Find snow globes that have a special landmark inside—like if you fell in love in NYC—or keep it simple with a happy couple and a cute engraving. If you choose this favor option, be sure to incorporate the globes into wedding photos!


Whether you want your wedding favors to thank your guests for coming, or you simply want to warm their hearts like they’ve warmed yours—there’s a perfect favor out there for you.