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If you’ve been to a lot of weddings lately, you’re a pro at picking the perfect wedding present. But most of those weddings will inevitably be followed by a baby shower. And that’s where gift giving gets tricky—what do you pick for someone who won’t even remember it? Never fear! Our tips will help you pick the right baby shower present every time (let’s face it; no one ever goes to just one baby shower).

Tip #1
The gifts are really for Mom or Dad

While Mom or Dad won’t be the ones using the diapers, they are the ones buying, changing, and taking them everywhere. The gifts you bring to the shower are for Baby’s use, but they really help out the parents in the long run. So there’s no pressure to pick out something Baby will like—after all, no one knows what Baby likes yet!

Tip #2
Always buy off the registry

There are two main reasons to buy baby shower presents off the registry. The first is, like we say above, the gifts are for the parents. That means you want to make sure it’s something the parents will actually use. Typically, Mom or Dad put a lot of thought into safety, available space in the house, and what they already have. Buying from the registry saves them the hassle of returning, and prevents you from wasting your money on something they’ll never use.

Buy the Perfect Baby Shower Present

The second reason to buy off the baby shower registry is so you don’t duplicate gifts. If everyone buys off the registry, it’s easy to see what Mom or Dad want, and what’s already been purchased from that list. Again, we want to save the parents time—they’ve already got their hands full with a new baby on the way!

Tip #3
You can never have too many diapers

Often, diapers aren’t on the registry because there’s no real limit to how many Mom or Dad need. On top of that, there isn’t a specific age range you should target, either. Buy all newborn diapers, or get a variety for when Baby grows up—trust us, Mom and Dad will use them. And you definitely won’t be the only one bringing diapers for their baby shower present!

Bonus Tip: Check the registry for cloth diapers or ask Mom or Dad before buying disposable ones, in case they’re an eco-friendly household.

Tip #4
Consider age & time of year

Just like diapers aren’t often on baby shower registries—neither is clothing. Basic onesises or socks may be, but shorts, t-shirts, shoes, and the like typically aren’t; baby showers usually cover the basics for newborns. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy baby clothes, but be sure to keep the time of year in mind.

For example, if the baby is born in April, don’t buy newborn-size winter clothes; make sure they’re around the 6-9 month size because Baby won’t be a newborn in December. On the flipside, a fall baby doesn’t need newborn summer clothes—you’re pushing 9-12 month size then!

Clothes for baby shower present

Tip #5
Books are the perfect unique baby shower present

If you bought a few items from the registry, but want to add a some fun or a personal touch, include a few children’s books! Choose some that were your favorite as a child, or ones that match any theme for the baby’s room. Touch and feel books are a hit with most children—as are pop-up books!

After a baby shower or two, you’ll get the hang of what to buy, and if you’re still nervous about picking the right gift, ask someone you know who has a baby or two themselves—they’re sure to have some ideas.