Baby Shower Mom-osa

A baby is certainly cause for celebration! But of course, you can’t pop the bubbly at your baby shower. The good news is that you can still drink non-alcoholic mimosas—or mom-osas—during the festivities. And you can definitely spice up your run-of-the-mill orange juice and champagne combination. For a little change, trade typical champagne for sparkling apple juice or non-alcoholic champagne, and keep reading to see how to make a mom-osa special for any season!

Spring Mom-osa: Mango Juice

Baby Shower Mom-osa

Do you love the classic orange of a mimosa? Stay true to its roots by swapping out orange juice with mango. Choose an orange-mango combination, or go bold with just mango juice. Using a different juice is enough to make the drink feel unique, and mango is the perfect option. Mango is still sweet like orange juice, but a little heavier so the bubbles from the champagne lighten it for easy sipping.

Summer Mom-osa: Lemonade

Baby Shower Mom-osa

Celebrate your new baby with the sun! For a sweet drink perfect for summertime, mix lemonade with your bubbly. This refreshing combination will be a hit at any outdoor baby shower—especially a themed one. Lemon print is gender neutral, and a fairly common decor pattern (thanks to recent rustic trends!). No matter the theme, use champagne chutes for a classier affair, or get mini mason jars for a casual vibe.

Fall Mom-osa: Add Fruit

Baby Shower Mom-osa

Create a mom-osa bar with mock-champagne, juice, and a selection of fruits and garnishes. Doing this allows guests to be creative and have a little fun. Oranges, lemons, or any berries are the perfect fruit starter kit. But if you’re feeling adventurous, include garnishes like rosemary or edible flowers for a twist.

Winter Mom-osa: Sparkling Cranberry

Baby Shower Mom-osa

Finally, we come to winter. Play up the deep colors of winter by grabbing either cranberry juice cocktail or sparkling cranberry juice to mix in your drink. And don’t be afraid of the bold flavor—apple juice (regular or sparkling) will pair nicely. For a picture-perfect drink, offer cranberries for guests to put in the drinks or garnish on top with toothpicks.

Baby Shower Mom-osa


There’s certainly no denying it—mimosas are the ultimate celebration drink, and the non-alcoholic version is no exception! It’s easy to keep the festive tradition alive at your baby shower with unique twists on the classic. If you’re a firm believer in orange juice, your mom-osas can still be special; simply slice oranges to go in the drink, or offer sugar for a tasty rim.

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