Although baby showers aren’t usually associated with religious holidays, it’s no surprise that many moms throw an Easter-themed baby celebration. Each year, Easter occurs on the first Sunday after first full Spring moon. Spring has just sprung, and new life is popping through the ground everywhere. What a time to celebrate her and baby’s life! Of course, Mom doesn’t plan her Easter baby shower on that Sunday. Instead, she plans it a week before or after, and incorporates young animals, fresh flowers, and gentle colors to welcome her baby.

Because early springtime can coincide with school break, a lot of moms on your guest list might not be able to attend. If you’re concerned about attendance, consider hosting a kid-friendly baby shower. You can book a sunny, outdoor venue and play silly shower games, like Pin the Pacifier on the Baby, and even set up a table where kids can decorate their own eggs while the moms chat. After all, spring and baby showers are all about young, new life!

Whether you have kids at the shower or not, you’ll need these five elements for a fun and festive baby shower.


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Before the celebration even starts, guests will feel the freshness of spring with your invitations. Because invitations should go out 4 to 6 weeks before the actual event, friends and family will be opening the bunny- and chick-filled cards while it’s still cold and gray outside. Your invite will be a sign that spring really is just around the corner! (Besides, looking at cute bunnies is enjoyable year-round.)

Bonus Tip: If your guest list includes parents with school-age children, send invitations closer to the 6-week mark, to let them plan around school break.

If you’re going all out with decorations, choose your main decorations and invitations at the same time so they’ll match. That way, your decoration options won’t be limited when you’re browsing the nearest party store two weeks later. Don’t worry, though—it doesn’t all have to match perfectly. Simply choose 2 or 3 colors, a baby animal or two, and only buy party items from that list.


Once the invitations are sent, the real fun begins! If you’re a daring DIYer, there’s no shortage of cotton-ball bunny garland projects you can try. Some of them, like the one above from The Window Seat, are completely customizeable. You can choose your own string and paper colors. (And you could even paint the tails, if you want to get real crafty.) Ask close friends or family members to help, too—but only if they’re invited to the Easter baby shower. Choose an afternoon a week or two before the shower, serve some mom-osas, and create the decorations.

Bonus Tip: Always buy extra supplies for a DIY project, even if you’ve done it before.

If you don’t enjoy homemade decor—or don’t have the time!—stores will have what you need. However, religious centers are also decorating for Easter, and teachers are decorating for springtime. So visit the stores early, shortly after you drop the invitations in the mail, if you can.


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At your DIY party, make as many of the centerpieces as you can. Of course, flower or candy centerpieces should be assembled the day before. But everything else can be made ahead of time, ready for Mom’s big day. Unless your baby shower is very Easter-themed, the centerpieces don’t have to match perfectly. You can keep it simple with flowers, candy, or candles in your chosen colors.

If you have any games planned for your Easter baby shower, use the centerpieces as prizes. Whoever wins a game, gets to take a centerpiece home. For candy-filled centerpieces, keep them in a sealed jar without any flowers touching the candy. Or simply let the guest take home the centerpiece, and an unopened bag of the candy that’s inside.

Bonus Tip: Make sure you have enough centerpieces for all your games! If you’re short, buy a few grand prizes for the harder games.

Food & Drink

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Second only to celebrating Mom, snacking on yummy treats is a highlight of any baby shower. As you search for on-theme appetizers, finger foods, and dessert, you might be overwhelmed by all your options. But don’t feel pressured to go overboard! As long as you have a few Easter- or spring-themed snacks and desserts, the shower will be complete!

In all your recipe reading, you’ll probably find a lot of deviled egg recipes, because chicks and eggs are a totem of spring. However, we do recommend you choose those recipes with caution. It’s one thing to have egg decorations or favors (keep reading to see what we mean!). But then you and your guests end up eating the cute little eggs that are taped all around the room. Of course, you can always dye the eggs, so they aren’t so, well, egg-y. Just be sure to avoid making any really cute food! Guests might not feel comfortable eating it.


easter baby shower egg timer favors
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This is your regularly scheduled reminder that party favors should always be useful or edible. These egg kitchen timers from Kate Aspen are the perfect example—because they’re not personalized to Mom or baby, they’ll fit in any home. (Not just Mom’s or baby’s). And they’re useful—who doesn’t ever need to keep track of time? Plus, the packaging is customized for the event—but that packaging can be thrown out, and guests are still left with a simple reminder of Mom and baby.

You can also send guests home with spring-y treats, like Jordan almonds or wildflower macarons. Package the candy in mini baby bottles, or the macarons in tiny baskets for a true Easter treat! And if you’re still stuck on a suitable Easter baby shower favor, check out our 10 other suggestions that your guests will love.


The options really are endless for your Easter baby shower. For the creatives among you—this is where you really get to shine! You can DIY on-theme decorations, centerpieces, and tasty treats. But, if you’re short on time (or DIY spirit!) simply choose a few theme elements. Pick two colors (like yellow and green) and one animal (like bunnies) and plan your shower around that. It’s that simple!

Have you ever been to an Easter baby shower? What was its theme?

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