Baby Shower Decorations

It’s no secret in the party planning world—finding clever favors that your guests won’t just throw away when they get home is challenge. And finding the perfect baby shower favors is no different. There’s often many different people attending, from friends to family, both young and old. And while you can’t please everyone, you want to at least please the majority.

Baby shower favors come with their own unique challenges, too. For most events, you can get specially shaped goodies—like heart-shaped soap for weddings, or candy rings for an engagement party. But for a baby shower, no one wants a bar of soap in the shape of a baby on their bathroom vanity.

So what baby shower favors walk the line of useful and playful? We’ve got you covered! These twelve favors can be used by most anyone—after all, who isn’t always losing their chapstick!—without being too hot with baby fever.

1. “About to Hatch” Egg Whisk

Baby Shower Favors About to Hatch Egg Whisk

As Done By: My Wedding Favors
Perfect For: Baby Shower Brunch

How adorable is this whisk? It’s a practical kitchen item—certain recipes call for hand whisking; an electric one will ruin the consistency. Plus, it’s far enough outside the box to fit into any kitchen color scheme or style.

These baby shower favors are perfect for a brunch celebration. Place one at every seat, for guests to admire during the event.

2. Gender Neutral Hair Ties

Baby Shower Favors Gender Neutral Hair Ties

As Done By: Plum Polka Dot
Perfect For: A Guest List with a lot of Moms

Just like we’re all losing chapstick, we’re also always losing hair ties. These pretty accessories will look good in your hair, as well as on your wrist. They are available in plenty of colors, so you can choose which combination is perfect for your celebration.

At the center of every table, put a basket of your hair ties. If you can, get enough for two per guest, so everyone can bring home a few different colors either for themselves, or bring one home for their kids.

3. Goat’s Milk Button-shaped Soap

Baby Shower Favors Goat Milk Button Soap

As Done By: Herb Garden Body Care
Perfect For: Guests With Allergies

These soaps are definitely a better option than a baby-shaped bar of soap. Coming in all sorts of pretty colors, you can bundle a few together in a baggie for the guests. You could place them in a basket at the table center, or even put them by each seat.

Bonus Tip: Have a button soap in the bathrooms wherever you host the baby shower. This allows guests to try them before they “buy” them.

4. Muffin Mix in a Jar

Baby Shower Favors Muffin Mix in a Jar

As Done By: Cook. Craft. Love.
Perfect For: At-Home Baby Shower

Muffins are undeniably a cozy treat—so there’s no better favor for an at-home baby shower! Mom’s got her own bun in the oven, and her friends and family can share in the joy with their own muffins.

To make sure this something everyone can enjoy, offer a few different mixes—one with chocolate, one with nuts, and one with fruit. Line them all up at a table for guests to take on their way out.

5. Baby’s Breath Keychain

As Done By: Little Keyring Shop
Perfect For: Family Baby Shower

If you have a large family—or want a small baby shower—these beautiful reminders are the perfect giveaway. While your friends are happy for your bundle of joy, your family will appreciate a keepsake the most. These keychains aren’t over-the-top with baby sentiment, but they are a permanent reminder. Every time they look at the Baby’s Breath flowers, they will think of you and your baby.

6. Plant-able Seed Cards

As Done By: Beau Coup
Perfect For: Springtime Baby Shower

What better way to celebrate new life than by planting some more! As guests leave, give them a few different plant-able seed cards to take home. This is a fun activity for a family, a green thumb, or someone looking to spruce up their yard.

Bonus Tip: Include planting tips for each flower type you offer for your baby shower favors.

7. “About to Pop” Champagne Labels

As Done By: Studio B Labels
Perfect For: A Mama with a Sense of Humor

Of course, mama can’t enjoy the champagne. And by the time of the baby shower, she might really be ready to pop! Of course, check with her before serving these baby shower favors. And if she gives the OK, have fun with them! You can serve the champagne at the baby shower, or give guests a mini bottle to enjoy at home.

8. Baby Bottle Candy Favors

Baby Shower Favors Baby Bottle

As Done By: eFavorMart
Perfect For: Any Baby Shower!

Let’s face it—candy is always a safe bet! You could pre-fill these bottles ahead of time, and we recommend this if you don’t have lots of room in your venue. But if you have the space, let the guests make their own baby shower favors! Create a build-your-own candy bar with a variety of treats so everyone can fill their own bottle.

If you’re able to swing a DIY candy bar, allot a specific time during the baby shower for guests to do this. Don’t let them guess when they should get their treats—tell them when to. This way, no one misses any special moments at the party!

9. “Thanks for Popping By” Chapstick

As Done By: Project Nursery
Perfect For: Summer Baby Shower

We recommend these baby shower favors for the summertime specifically because of the balloon aspect. If you’re giving away balloon favors, you have to have balloons in other parts of the event—and that works best where there isn’t a lot of snow or rain.

This is good news for you, because balloons are a simple way to decorate for any party. And they come in every color—pink, blue, yellow, green, you name it!

10. Homemade Sugar Scrub

As Done By: The Family Freezer
Perfect For: Holiday Season Baby Shower

Give a little relaxation to your guests during a stressful time of year with these homemade sugar scrubs. They’re quick, simple, and inexpensive to make–even if you decide to make a few different scents. Pair the scrubs with a little spoon for scooping, and a loofah for a complete package. If you know your guests will really love these baby shower favors, add the recipe to other side of the jar so they can make more when they run low.