Balloons are the classic party symbol, and rightly so—they’re fun, lighthearted, and they’re available year-round. But you don’t have to feel limited to simply mixing and matching colors or sizes. There are so many twists you can give the classic balloon to make it a perfect feature at your next event.

You can decorate them to be perfect for a New Year’s Eve celebration, or class them up for your modern wedding. If you don’t believe us, keep reading to see all the ways you can take balloons to the next level.

1. Add Confetti…

Studio DIY

…to the inside or the out! What better way to ring in the New Year than with confetti-dipped balloons? Start with the colors that match your theme, and follow the directions for an added sparkle to your décor. If you’re feeling daring, try confetti two ways, and put some inside your balloons—this might even be a fun midnight surprise to pop when the clock strikes twelve

2. Wrap in Tulle…

Tutus Parafiestas

Wrapping balloons in tulle perfectly blends the magic of balloons with class and sophistication—ideal for weddings or bridal showers. Stick with pastels and light colors for a clean look, and don’t forget to pay special attention to the tie that holds the tulle together; that tie is an opportunity to blend the balloons even more into your event theme.

3. Personalize Them…


Put a special message or image on the balloons that make it uniquely perfect for your event. Put the name of your baby-to-be at the baby shower, or include a special date for an anniversary party. The options are endless, and they’re sure to be a hit.

4. Balloon Arches…


These are ideal for events with a main entrance or guest of honor—put them over Mom while she’s opening presents at the baby shower, or even use them functionally to mark the entrance for a venue with multiple doors that may be confusing. Balloons arches are something you can order—but you can also do them yourself if you’re feeling daring!

5. Balloon Bouquets…

Confetti Paper Party

Create a small balloon cluster for centerpieces, or make them larger for photo opportunities. Color selection especially counts for this option—if you’re using them as centerpieces, try clear balloons with a colored base, so guests can still see each other. For photos, keep in mind your scenery—if you’re taking photos in nature, choose contrasting colors like oranges or yellows so they’ll be sure to stand out.

6. Weave in Flowers…

Hooray Mag

With any of these options, add flowers for a touch of fresh. Weave them into your arches, bouquets, or on the string, or include them in your base for centerpieces. This is the perfect touch if you’re planning a woodland-themed baby shower or rustic wedding—that splash of green or flower will tie the whole piece together.

7. Balloon Forest…

Rock My Wedding

This option is by far the most romantic option of the bunch, and definitely one of the most simple. Once you’ve chosen your balloon color and style, add long tails to them, and let them loose inside the venue—the tails will reach to the floor and you and your spouse can have a romantic first dance in the tree forest. Make sure you don’t do too many balloons—you want everyone to be able to see you and move on the dance floor.

8. Patterned Balloons…

My Tru Blue

Planning a bachelorette party? Buy balloons that are patterned—animal print if she’s got a wild side, or strips and polka dots if she wants to keep it low key. Because balloons are so often a solid color, this will be sure to make them stand out and give a personal touch to the day.


There’s no doubt that balloons can bring that personal touch to any day. From complicated DIY options like dipping them in confetti to easier options, like ordering them in a fun pattern, you can make these time-tested party favorites work for you and your event.

Of course, when dealing with helium, make sure you don’t blow them up too early—you don’t want flat balloons at your party!