Of course you want to remember your wedding—it’s a special day for you and your partner. Most commonly, couples create photo albums or hang photo collages on their walls. And while there’s nothing wrong with a well-curated photo album or scrapbook, you might want something more unique that you’ll use more often. Thankfully, there are lots of unique wedding keepsakes to fit your style.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with creating a photo album—you might even create one alongside a few other unique wedding keepsakes. But most couples don’t spend much time looking at their photo albums. Plus, most wedding photos are shared digitally now, so finding the perfect handful of photos is time consuming. If you’re looking for something different, but still sentimental, we’ve got you covered! These unique wedding keepsakes are the perfect blend of fun and practical, and you’ll use most of them every day, too.

Photo Puzzle

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photo puzzles are unique wedding keepsakes
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Okay, you might not use a puzzle every day. But it’s a fun way to save your favorite wedding photos! Plus, you can make it into a date night. For this, you and your partner each choose your favorite wedding photo—but don’t tell each other! Instead, order the puzzle on your own. When the puzzles come in, you put your partner’s puzzle together, and vice versa. Then, when you finish the puzzle, you’ll reveal each other’s favorites. And from there, you can seal and frame the puzzles, or put them back in the box for a rainy day.

Framed First Dance Lyrics

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Most couples use photos from their ceremony and reception as wedding keepsakes. And that’s a great way to remember your special day! However, if you want something unique in your home, consider using the lyrics to your first dance as inspiration. You can add a framed print to your wall collage, or display it elsewhere in your home. The best part is that you can choose a style that matches your personal taste, too. From neutral circles to resemble a vinyl to a simple heart, there’s a format that will work for you.

Engraved Leather Tray

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Who doesn’t need a bowl for keys or a catch-all for all the knickknacks that never quite fit anywhere? An engraved leather tray is the perfect solution. You can engrave part of your vows, your wedding song, or even just your names and wedding date. Like everything else about your wedding, it should be customized to your taste, so make sure to choose the shape, size, and color that you like best. This is also perfect for the office or other spot away from home. It will remind you of your special day every time you reach for the keys or grab a pen.

Flower Paperweights

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While some couples choose to display their vows or song lyrics, flowers may be more your taste. If that’s the case, you can always have your wedding flowers turned into paperweights. And like everything else, you have options! You can order small paperweights with single flowers, perfect for a desk or bureau. On the other hand, you can preserve your entire bouquet for a stunning display on a shelf or mantle.

Keepsake Ornament

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One of the most traditional—but still unique—wedding keepsakes is an ornament. It’s a simple reminder to look back on your wedding year after year. Plus, you can buy an ornament when you adopt a pet, have a baby, or have any moment you want to remember. Then over time, you’ll have a collection of memories to hang from your tree. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves! Start with your wedding ornament, and include any pets or children that are part of your current family.

Customized Household Staples

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engraved cutting boards are unique wedding keepsakes
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For these unique wedding keepsakes, think engraved cutting boards, embroidered pillows, and other household items that you really do use every day. Some couples add initials to bath towels and even pillowcases. In short, if you can engrave it or embroider it, it can be a wedding keepsake! Plus, you can add some of these items to your registry.

Granted, we know that many couples live together before they’re married. So you might already have all the cutting boards, pillows, and towels that you need. But that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade! And these customized items can be saved for special occasions. For example, you could use your new cutting board specifically for dinner dates at home or for hosting holiday parties. That way, it lasts longer and it can be a small celebration every time you use it.


Some couples want photo albums, while other couples want more unique wedding keepsakes. Of course, you might want both! The important thing is that you choose items that you like. Just like your wedding was unique to you, how you choose to remember your special day is unique, too. Use pillows or ornaments or puzzles—the options are endless!

What is your favorite unique wedding keepsake from this list? What else would you add?

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