Couple with Pet Dog

To anyone who’s had a pet, we know how they become part of the family. Many families include their furry friends in holiday cards, some refer to them as their kids, and others share the bed with them. So it’s not a far stretch to want to include your pet at your special day.

The good news for you is it’s easy! There are plenty of ways to include any beloved animals during the celebration—all the way from the proposal to the post-wedding thank yous.

1. Use Your Pet to Propose

If your pet is an important part of the family, don’t leave them out of big occasions. This includes proposals! Especially if you’re planning a surprise one—after all, who thinks they’ll get proposed to during a walk with Fido? Plus, if they’re part of the proposal they’ll be in the candid engagement photos.

2. Include Your Pet in Engagement Photos

Even if your beloved animal is in the impromptu photos, still include them in the professional ones. You’ll have less chaotic pictures—let’s face it, someone’s going to cry during the proposal. Plus, the pictures will be high enough quality to use for save the dates and your wedding website.

Pet Cat with Man and Woman

3. Picture Your Pet on the Save the Dates

Who doesn’t love a family photo? We’re not saying that friends and family are more likely to attend your wedding if there’s a furry guest invited—but we also wouldn’t blame them for choosing that! This is also the perfect opportunity to use cheesy lines like “Some bunny loves her!” and “We’re in puppy love.”

4. Ask Your Pet to be Ring-bearer

Have your furry friend escort the rings down the aisle. If you plan to include your pet at the alter with the rest of the wedding party, ask the best man or a groomsmen to accompany your pet on their walk down the aisle. Or, if you’d rather they sit in the audience, have a guest to do the honors. That way no one is missing upfront.

Bonus Tip: If your pet is best off at home after a trot down the aisle, ask a trusted sitter to bring them back home.

Include Your Pet at Your Wedding

5. Add Your Pet to the Cake Topper

Just like your pet is close to your heart, keep them front and center on your special day. Include him or her on the top of the cake along with you and your spouse. This not only looks cute on the day of, but also creates the perfect wedding keepsake to take home.

6. Display Your Pet in photos at the Reception

If you have a fur baby who would be overwhelmed in a large group, honor them with photos at the reception. Include some of you and your spouse as well. But this way your furry friend is part of the celebration—in a way that’s best for them.

Pet Cat with Flower Necklace

7. Sign the Thank You Cards from Your Pet

If your fur baby has been part of the wedding process, it’s only polite to include them on the Thank You cards! We recommend a paw print where their signature would be, or even paw print stickers to seal the envelope.