There are some basic elements that every event needs—no matter what the occasion. For example, you need somewhere to host it, something to eat, and a guest list. The baby shower you’re planning for the mom-to-be in your life is no different. However, along with all the usual components, you have to consider the different ways to keep Mom comfy during her shower.

Typically, a baby shower lasts 2-3 hours. It’s much shorter than other events, like a bridal shower or birthday party. In part, that’s because baby showers are planned during the third trimester, when the baby is growing the most, and Mama is tired. Keeping the baby shower to just a few hours is the first step to keep Mom comfy. Then, as you start planning, make sure to include these other five necessary elements.

1. Comfy Seating

blankets to keep mom comfy

At some point during the baby shower, Mom is going to be front-and-center. Often, this happens when she opens presents. But it can also be a time to encourage her, pray over her, or share helpful advice. If you have any mom-centered events planned, make sure she has somewhere comfortable to sit. This could be a padded rocking chair or even a couch to herself. She’ll need to sit throughout the event, too. So that seating should be available for the whole shower, to keep Mom comfy whenever she needs a break.

Comfy Seating at Home:

You already have a few soft couches and chairs in your home. That’s great! Be sure to save one just for Mom, so it’s always open. Tie balloons to the back, or put a special pillow so guests know it’s reserved.

Comfy Seating at a Venue:

Most venues won’t have comfy chairs or couches, so you’ll have to bring some. If Mom already has a padded rocker that she loves, bring that! Or bring plenty of cushions to pad the venue’s chairs. If you ask in advance, you may even be able to borrow a lobby armchair—just be sure to return it!

2. Comfy Temperature

the right temperature to keep mom comfy

Because of the increased blood volume and metabolic rate, many expecting mothers feel perpetually warmer than usual. Some even have hot flashes! Of course, some moms feel colder than usual. So check with her before you start planning, because her temperature could determine the venue.

Bonus Tip: Tell guests to bring a sweater if the heat will be kicked down a notch during the shower.

For example, you don’t want to plan a shower on the third floor of a well-insulated building if Mom is always hot. She’ll be too warm, and three floors is a long way from outside, where she can cool off.

Comfy Temperature at Home:

Adjusting your home thermostat for one afternoon shouldn’t be an issue. Plus, you can always open a window, or let Mom step out on the porch to cool down. (Or heat up, if it’s summertime and she’s running cold!)

Comfy Temperature at a Venue:

While it doesn’t hurt to ask, you probably won’t have access to the thermostat. For warm mamas, look for a space that has functioning windows, or easy access to the outside. Bring extra blankets for cold mamas (or chilly guests while the windows are open!).

3. Comfy Foods

woman eating food

Taste buds often change during pregnancy. Mom’s favorite foods might make her sick. Similarly, she could be craving something she’s never liked before. And while you definitely shouldn’t serve pickles and ice cream, make sure there are a few items that Mom will eat.

Comfy Foods at Home:

If you’re doing any (or all!) of the food preparation, you have options! You can make food for the shower, with separate dishes to keep Mom comfy. Or, you can work the menu around Mom’s preferences entirely. With easy access to your fridge and pantry, she can store any snacks or cravings as needed.

Comfy Foods at a Venue:

For catered food, have Mom look over the menu beforehand, to make sure there is enough that she can eat. If there isn’t—or if she has a particular craving—keep some of those foods in a cooler or hidden under a table for Mom to grab.

4. Comfy Bathrooms

pregnant woman sitting

Morning sickness typically only happens during the first trimester. And because baby showers are thrown during the third trimester, nausea isn’t usually an issue. What Mom is more concerned about is having to pee all the time because the baby is pushing on her bladder.

Comfy Bathrooms at Home:

Stock your home bathrooms with lotion or body wipes to keep Mom comfy while she’s in there. Be sure to show her where all the bathrooms are—including the master en suite—so she has a backup if one bathroom is occupied.

Comfy Bathrooms at a Venue:

Try your best to book a venue with a private bathroom, or close to the shared restroom. That way, Mom won’t have to walk far to use it. (This is a bonus for you and the guests, too!)

5. Comfy Schedule

time of day to keep Mom comfy

Growing a human is hard work, and Mama is tired—especially during the third trimester. When you discuss a date for the baby shower, don’t forget to ask about time of day, too. Many mamas take frequent naps, especially if they have a busy day. (Like, for example, a baby shower!)

Comfy Schedule at Home:

Have a spare bedroom made for her. She may want to nap right before, or just after. It also gives her a place to go and relax away from the hubbub if she needs to. And don’t let the baby shower run long, just because you’re at home. That’s how you end up with a tired mama!

Comfy Schedule at a Venue:

At a venue, you’ll have to leave the room by a certain time—and that includes cleaning up any food, presents, or trash. Thankfully, that means the event can’t run longer than scheduled. But an off-site venue also means less private space for Mom to unwind. Try to keep the baby shower games to a minimum, so mama isn’t too tired at the end.


Keeping Mom comfy during her baby shower should be your top priority. This is, after all, all about her and her baby! And the best way to do that is talk with her beforehand. Make sure you’re not planning an outside shower in July, when she’s having regular hot flashes. Or booking a venue with a long walk to the bathroom.

How do you plan to keep Mom comfy during her baby shower? What else can we add to this list?

5 ways to keep mom comfy