Tuxedos signify a formal occasion—one where even a tailored suit and tie isn’t fancy enough. This may include your wedding, your best friend’s wedding, a funeral, formal work event, or ribbon-cutting ceremony. Usually, these types of events are few and far between. You may only be in a handful of weddings in your life and attend one or two formal work events. Because of this, a tux rental is a cost-effective way to look your best without breaking the bank.

Bonus Tip: If you’ll need a tuxedo at least once every year, we recommend buying one.

Just like renting a car for a few days is cheaper than buying one, renting a tux saves you the cost of a brand new tux and tailoring. Of course, if you need a car every day, you may be better off buying one! In part, this is because tux renting is a streamlined process—often a one-stop shop for all your formal wear needs. You won’t have to go shopping for a shirt, tie, or even shoes.

In this post, we answer your burning tux rental questions. Because tuxedos aren’t the norm, this may be your first time renting. We’ll walk you through all the standard questions and details about the rental process. However, we do encourage you to contact the store or boutique of your choice to get their requirements before proceeding. Although most stores have very similar requirements, there is some variation. For example, they may charge extra for shoes or require in-person measurements. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves! Let’s start at the very beginning.

How much does a tux rental cost?

Tux rentals usually cost between $100 and $200. Of course, this can vary depending on your location and the type of tux you rent. For example, a designer tuxedo could cost close to $500 to rent. Fortunately, you’ll likely pay around $150 for your rental—assuming it isn’t returned late or damaged. Late returns and damage to the garment will increase your final cost. You can always get an estimate ahead of time from the store, too.

When do I pay for the rental?

While this will vary by store, it’s common to put down a deposit when you go in for your fitting. That deposit is applied to the overall cost of the rental, which you pay when you pick up your tuxedo. If you return the tux on time and without damage, you won’t have any outstanding costs.

What does a tux rental include?

Once again, you’ll want to check with the specific store that you’re renting from. However, most rentals do include the jacket, pants, a cummerbund or vest, a shirt, long tie or bow tie, and cuff links. Pocket squares aren’t as common, but you can add them to your package upon request.

Some stores will include shoes and a belt with the rental—but be sure to ask if you’re not sure. Even if shoes and belts aren’t included in the rental package, you can usually add them to your package for a small additional fee.

How far in advance should I rent my tuxedo?

In general, place your order 2-4 months before the event. This will give you enough time to get measured, and ensure that your tux is ready on time. Not all stores and boutiques allow last-minute rentals, so you might have to do a little research if your event is less than a month away. Or you may have to pay a rush fee to receive the garment on time.

How long can you rent a tux for?

Typically, you will have the tux for about a week. You will either pick the tuxedo up or receive it in the mail roughly five days before the event, and you’ll have to return it 1-3 days after the event.

When do I need to return my tux?

Most rental stores require a return within three days after the event. Because each shop is different, check the details very carefully. Late returns result in late fees!

How do I return my tux?

Once again, this varies by store. Usually, you return the tux using the same method that you received it with. For example, if you picked up the tux in person, you’ll have to return it in person, too. On the other hand, if the tux was mailed to you, you’ll have to mail it back. Sometimes, you can return a mailed tux in store—but that varies by store, too. Whether you’re mailing or dropping off your tux, simply put it back in the package it came in. Don’t throw out the original box, and don’t lose the garment bag!

Do I have to get measured before renting?

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Yes! Whether you order online or in person, every store requires measurements. If you order online, you will answer a series of questions to determine your custom measurements. The store may ask you to measure yourself, too. If you order in store, an employee will take your measurements before placing your order.

What color tux should I choose?

It depends on the event! If you’re a groomsmen in a wedding, the couple will tell you what to wear. In most cases, this includes the tie, shirt, and even the socks. But if you’re attending a private event, you’ll be in charge of that.

First, consider the type of event. Funerals and black tie galas require a classic black tux. But you can mix it up at personal events, like weddings and anniversaries. From there, choose colors that you’re comfortable in. Do you prefer navy or black? Maybe you’re bold enough to try tan! Finally, let the season help. A navy tuxedo is more appropriate for fall and winter events, while that tan tux will fit right in in the summer or springtime.

Can I also rent a shirt and tie? What about shoes?

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Like we mentioned earlier, shirts and ties usually come with your tux rental. Shoes may or may not be included, but you can almost always add them for a small fee when you rent your tux. Of course, you don’t have to rent a shirt and tie if you already own the right one.

What if the tux doesn’t fit?

Most stores are equipped with tailors for minor modifications, like shortening shirt sleeves or pant legs. More moderate tailoring might require re-ordering your tux—so be sure to contact your tux provider right away!

What accessories do I need?

The most common accessories or add-ons for your tux are cuff links, pocket squares, ties, and watches. Most tux rentals come with cuff links and ties, which are critical accessory pieces—so you’re all set there. Pocket squares are optional, unless you’re in a wedding party. In that case, the couple may decide against pocket squares. Either way, you can rent a pocket square along with your tux. Watches certainly aren’t necessary, especially if you don’t usually wear one. And the rental store might not have any to offer. You’ll have to use one you own or borrow one from a friend.


Renting a tux is a straightforward process. Just make sure to give yourself enough time—ideally a few months—and pay careful attention to the return policy. The later you return it, the more you’ll be charged! It’s still less expensive than buying your own tux, unless, of course, you’ll need it more than once a year.

What event are you renting a tux for? Have you picked out the color yet?