Beautiful Wedding dress and white bow isolated on white background

A winter wedding can be every bit as glorious as you might imagine. White landscapes, evergreen assortments, and a magnificent white dress that emphasizes your wedding day glow. Watching your friends all bundled together in their wedding appropriate layers, gazing at you and your loved one in awe. What a beautiful picture this paints!

If a winter wedding is something you and your fiancé are looking to explore, know that this option would be nothing short of magical — for both you and your guests. Before you get started with planning, we wanted to provide you with some helpful tips to consider if this is the avenue you choose.

Here are our 8 tips to help you pull off the ultimate winter wedding.

Prep Your Skin for the Winter Weather

Yep, your skin’s dryness is something you need to be thinking about months before your special day. Up your skincare routine ASAP, and think hydration — drink more water daily. This will help to combat dryness so your makeup can glide on with ease on your wedding day.

Share the Color Palette Ahead of Time

When it comes to wedding pictures — one of the most important memories you’ll curate on your big day — you’ll want to look back and know that you thought of every detail. You can include an insert card in with your wedding invitations, suggesting guests wear a certain color to your wedding. The winter season has a specific complementary color palette, featuring intense, icy colors. This means NO pastels (as those will wash you out). Try colors that are on the bolder side, like fuschia, bottle green, ice blue or cherry.

Keep Winter Wedding Etiquette in Mind

To help ensure that your guests are warm for the duration of the wedding festivities and offer some comfort where you can. If your wedding will take place outside, leave hand warmers and blankets on chairs for guests. Once the reception moves indoors, leave fuzzy socks and hot chocolate packets at reception tables. You could also add a boost of warmth by maintaining a fire — whether it’s outside or indoors — for family and friends to gather around.

Consider Winter Wedding Timing

The winter days move a lot more quickly than summer days — so keep this in mind when setting your event’s agenda. Make sure this is something your event planner and photographer are aware of. Lighting may be scarce, so make sure to plan any outdoor portions of the day appropriately.

Use Non-Floral Elements to Spice Up Arrangements

winter bridal bouquet with boughs and pinecones

Think layers of greenery, like potted evergreens, layered pine, birch branches, and berries. Given how many arrangements you have to construct — boutonnieres, centerpieces, bouquets, and other decor — this will help to give your wedding elements variety.

Wear a Long Sleeve Dress

Hello luxurious lace! Your warmth will also be something to keep in mind for the ceremony, especially if it’s outside. You could also take the strapless route — I mean, it’s your day after all — but if you’re able to be flexible with your big-day look, consider elegant sleeves or maybe even a shawl to keep you cozy.

Choose Winter Wedding Footwear Carefully

Two women in winter wedding dresses wearing boots for a winter wedding

You’ve been warned now — where there is snow, there is surely ice to follow. Be sure to keep footwear in mind so you don’t slip and fall (!) walking down the aisle. While heels tend to be traditional wedding attire, you can still choose some great shoe alternatives, like plain white or fur-lined booties.

Serve Hot (alcoholic or non) Drinks

Guests holding hot drinks at a winter wedding

Open bar anyone? Not only will these drink options warm your guests from the inside out, but they’ll also make for some adorable photographic moments. Imagine friends gathered around, holding steaming copper mugs, sipping spiked cider with warm smiles on their faces. Just some food (or rather, drink) for thought! 

As long as you prepare well, there’s no reason why a wondrous winter wedding isn’t something you and your honey should consider. 

Including any of these helpful tips in your winter wedding? Let us know how it went in the comments below!