With the cold winter months starting to roll in, we thought you might appreciate a few different ways to keep warm.

Fashionable Jackets & Sweaters

Staying warm starts with what you’re wearing. Many bridal shops and stores have options for winter brides. Your gown is going to look great, but it probably won’t keep you warm in cold weather. Consider ordering a stylish jacket or sweater that matches your gown. Encourage your bridal party to find matching jackets for their gowns, or if you are not too picky with what they wear – have them find a jacket that fits their personal style.

Photo Credit: Coolidge Family Farm

Blankets for Guests

Many brides who hold winter weddings have chosen to offer blankets for their guests. Warm, cozy, soft blankets are the perfect choice for keeping warm during a ceremony or reception – especially if it’s held outdoors.

Hot Beverage Bar

What’s better than hot beverages at a chilly event? Not an iced beverage, that’s for sure! Hot cocoa and hot coffee is a sure way to keep your guests happy and warm. You can even do a warm spiked cider to heat things up a little more! Be sure to have plenty on hand as this will definitely be a hit. The sign and beverage bar below, displayed on Stonewood Vintage, is absolutely stunning.

to have & to hold in case you get cold
Hot cocoa bar
Photo credit: Cat Mayer Studio

Camp Fire and Marshmallows

Not recommended for a formal affair for obvious reasons.  But for the casual wedding, roasting up marshmallows, delicious smores and staying toasty by the fire is a classic way to stay warm. It’s fun, enjoyable, and it gives you a chance to converse with other guests around the fire. Take a look at these photos below of a recent wedding with a camp fire displayed on Ruffled Blog.

Campfire and outdoor dining table

Dance Your Heart Out

What’s always the hottest place at a wedding?  The dance floor of course!  That’s because everybody’s moving. There’s no better way to stay warm than getting your groove on.  Encourage guests to get out there and dance their little hearts out.

Dancing Couple
Photo credit: Stockyards Station

As you can see, there are plenty of options to keep warm at a winter wedding. If you can’t implement these options, we would encourage you to at least offer one. If you have any different ideas for how to stay warm at a winter wedding, please let us know – we would love to hear from you!