Choosing the Right Providers for Your Wedding

Planning your wedding can be overwhelming, but taking the time to choose the right venue, caterer, photographer, DJ, and other vendors will help create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Consider these tips as you begin your search and learn from the experiences of other brides.


If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Usually Is

It is important that anytime you are pursuing and negotiating business online that you are aware of the opportunity for deceptive scams. Keep these warning signs in mind as you correspond with potential clients and it may keep you from becoming a victim of an Internet scam.


Why It’s Important to Hire a Videographer for Your Wedding

Many brides are putting video as a priority but many still are not. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I wish I had a video of my wedding” or “I’m so glad I decided to get a video of my wedding.” Can you imagine all that hard work and all of those months, sometimes years of planning, not being documented for future generations?


How to Plan a Great Event and Maximize Your DJ/MC Services

Most people have a pretty good idea how to structure a wedding or bar mitzvah having attended many over the years. Yet, few know how to orchestrate other kinds of parties that are less common and often less formal. After serving as a Disc Jockey and Master of Ceremonies at many such events, I’ve learned four major secrets that go into making such parties a huge success.


Tips on Choosing a Band for Your Event

So you’ve decided on live music for your wedding or party. Maybe you’ve heard the usual DJ requests one time too many, or maybe you simply appreciate the kind of musical energy that comes from a good band. What can you expect to find? What should you look for and what should you avoid?


Tips for Choosing a Photographer for Your Event

It is understandable that cost is a major factor when planning any event. I personally provide wedding and other photography for my clients. Here are a few tips I have discovered over the years. As you will find by searching the Internet for a photographer, almost anyone can take a great looking picture. Wedding photographers are all over the net. Here are a few considerations that will profit and protect you with whomever you choose.


Selecting a Celebrant for Your Wedding Ceremony

It’s exciting to plan a wedding! With so many details to think about, it is easy to forget that there is only one aspect of your wedding that is not optional – the celebrant who will perform your ceremony. If you forget that, you lose sight of what the day is really about – your promises to stand together through life. It is the wedding ceremony that gives voice to all that is in your hearts. Do not leave that one essential detail to the last. This article will help you select a celebrant for your wedding ceremony.