If you’re planning a fall wedding, incorporating maple is a no-brainer. With the bold reds and oranges, sweet flavor, and iconic fall shape, the potential is endless. With that being said, there are ways to bring maple leaves indoors without making guests feel like they’re outside—unless that’s your goal, of course! Check out these easy ways to spread the maple joy around your big day, from beginning to end.

Save the Dates

Include a maple leaf on your wedding invite for your fall wedding.


If you’re planning to match the reds and oranges of a maple leaf, why not put it on your save the dates! Set the maple tone before guests even arrive. If they have maple on their minds when they attend your wedding, any nod to maple will stick out to them, even if it’s subtle. These adorable maple cutouts from Deer Pearl Flowers are perfect for any fall wedding.

Wedding Favors

Homemade maple syrup can make the perfect favor for your fall wedding.


No, we’re not suggesting maple leaves as favors—in fact, we recommend keeping all real leaves out of the picture to avoid any mess. But incorporating maple syrup or candy will give your guests something they’ll use and something they’ll like. We actually published a real-life story about a bride whose father made homemade maple syrup for her wedding favors.

Earrings and Cufflinks

Get the bridal party and groomsmen in on it with maple leaf earrings or cufflinks. This subtle touch will unify the group without going overboard—like, for example, with maple leaf ties. Plus, they make nice gifts to give the special people who are supporting you on your big day.


Use maple placecards or holders at your fall wedding.


With this clever option, you don’t even need to decorate the table with anything maple. When guests bring their place card to the table, the maple will come with it! All you need to do is put a candle centerpiece, or something else simple. If you don’t believe us, check out the bell card holders from Favors and Flowers, or the leaf-shaped holders from Beau Coup.


And, last but certainly not least—dessert! Probably the easiest way to tie your theme together is with any kind of maple dessert. From donuts to ice cream and even cheesecake, put maple in it and you’re sure to have a delicious end to the evening.


If you haven’t caught on—it’s easy to put maple into your wedding. The only time you’ll ever hear us say, “No!” to maple is if you bring in real maple leaves. That’s just going to make the inside smell like outside, and if the leaves are dry, they will make a mess.

If you’re adamant that you want real maple leaves in your wedding, host the event at a venue with lots of maple trees for the ceremony and photo ops. But please, keep the leaves on the branches!