Minimalist Engagement

You’re probably wondering, “Only three steps? What’s the catch?” But truth be told—there’s no catch. While most people associate minimalist events with details like clean lines and geometric shapes (and they’re not wrong!), it’s equally important to have a minimalist approach to the big stuff, too.

While decorations and food are important—and both elements we’ll cover shortly—planning your engagement party with a minimalist mindset will help set the tone long before centerpieces are chosen. If your planning is minimalist, there’s no way your event won’t be.

Follow these three steps to set the tone for your minimalist engagement party.

3 Steps to a Minimalist Engagement Party

1. Keep it low on budget

No, we’re not telling you to undercut your celebration and sacrifice quality in the name of minimalism. But set a lower budget, so you’re not tempted to rent or buy things that don’t scream, “Simple!” This might mean forgoing the chocolate fountain—but that’s a lavish expense, and not minimal.

If you put monetary constraints on the planning, that leaves room for only what you need. Which is the whole point of minimalism, right?

2. Keep it low on décor

Building on Step #1—if you don’t have the budget for extravagant decorations, you won’t end up with an over-the-top party. Taking that a step further, a few well-placed pieces of décor is all you really need. Don’t hang banners and don’t decorate the food table.

Bonus Tip: Put food in clear bowls and trays for a clean, simple look.

Choose a single color for the plates, napkins, and silverware for guests, and you have a minimalist food table with no decorations!

3. Keep it low on food

In reality, guests don’t eat much at casual parties—especially ones hosted in someone’s home. Instead of choosing a buffet-style meal with lots of main courses and sides, offer select hors d’oeuvres and other finger foods. This keeps costs down, and reduces waste. Overall, enhancing your minimalist theme.


Of course, you still want to pay attention to the details of your engagement party. But you can’t throw a minimalist celebration of any kind if you’re not planning with a minimalist mindset. These three easy steps will help frame your event planning, so the end result is the simple party that you want.