Your bridesmaids are some of your closest friends and family. Of course, they’re here to celebrate and support you during a monumental moment in your life—but don’t forget about them!

Fall and winter weddings mean beautiful outdoor backdrops, and they also mean chilly weather. There are so many ways to keep your gal pals warm during the chilly months or evening weddings—and still have them look fashionable and picture-perfect! Plan how to keep your crew warm during the festivities and any photos. They’ll appreciate it, and you won’t have frowning bridesmaids in your photos!

9 Ways to Keep Your Bridesmaids Warm

1. Personalized Blankets

Embroider each one’s name on a themed blanket that can double as a photo op and way to keep them warm. Barn weddings are perfect for plaid blankets, or simply pick a solid color like navy or maroon that matches your winter theme. Bonus Tip: This also makes great bridesmaids gifts!

2. Fur Wrap or Shawl

Incredibly fashion-forward and warm, these are perfect for an outdoor photo shoot during a winter wedding. We don’t recommend keeping them on all ceremony, though—don’t want the bridesmaid to overheat!

3. Blanket Scarves

These extra-large scarves will keep everyone warm during photos just like a blanket, but they’re easier to reconfigure so you can change up how they’re worn in photos. Maybe some wear them as shawls while others use them for scarves. Get creative!

4. Boots

You may want to combine this with another warm option, so no one is in short sleeves. But boots give a cozy feel to the day—even if, like the wrap, your bridesmaids don’t keep them on during the ceremony.

5. Nontraditional Jackets

We’re talking jean or leather jackets! While they’re not something you see in every wedding photo shoot, they’re definitely items your bridesmaids would wear again. Plus, they let a little personality shine through, too.

6. Long Dresses or Pants

Keep the crew warm by keeping their legs covered. While long dresses may limit your options, you won’t have uncomfortable bridesmaids. If you’re bold enough to go with pants, everyone will definitely be warm and prepared to wear the “dress” again!

7. Hats

No, we’re not recommending baseball caps on your Big Day! We’re thinking vintage fur hats, or wide-brimmed ones. People lose body heat from their heads the most, so putting even something thin up there will help everyone stay warm.

8. Indoor Photos

This one may seem obvious, but keeping all the festivities and photos indoors means you don’t have to add any extra layers to your carefully selected bridesmaids attire. Instead, find a venue with floor-to-ceiling windows for lots of natural light and ambiance.

9. Long-sleeve Dresses

Admittedly, your dress options may be limited, but it’s a sure way to keep everyone warm. Even lace sleeves are still warmer than no sleeves!


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