Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether you’re planning to propose to your soul mate, or just want to say a platonic I love you to your BFF, roses can communicate the message. Not all roses are romantic—some are friendly, kind, and even impulsive. Keep reading to see what each rose color means, and who on your list you should give them to.


Means: Romantic Love
Give To: The love of your life

Starting off with the obvious one—red roses are for romantic love. Perfect for that proposal, or even to spoil someone special over dinner.

Giving Tip: Love someone, but not sure you’re ready to go all out with a dozen? Pick 1-3 for a smaller dose of ILY


Means: Sweetness & Grace
Give To: Hairdresser or coworker

Is there someone in your life that you appreciate, but never see outside of your once-a-month appointment or office doors? Say thank you with pink roses!

Giving Tip: Consider who you’re bringing them to—if they won’t have a vase nearby (like at a place of work), bring a small one so the roses don’t dry up.


Means: Friendship
Give To: Your BFF

Face it, your best friend has been through more Valentine’s Days with you than your boyfriend or spouse. Show them you appreciate them with a dozen yellow roses.

Giving Tip: In a long-distance friendship? Order yellow roses at a flower shop near them and have them delivered for a sunny surprise.


Means: New Beginnings & Purity
Give To: That ex you want to patch things up with

Looking to give it a second or third shot with your ex? Try white roses. While they are traditionally used at weddings to symbolize purity, they can also represent the pureness of a fresh start.

Giving Tip: Mix some white roses with any other color on this list to blend meanings. Try six white and six red for a fresh start on love, or blend them with a few green for a double dose of starting over.


Means: Fascination & Enthusiasm
Give To: Secret crush

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to tell your crush how you feel. Send some orange roses with a note—just don’t be creepy about it.

Giving Tip: If you sign the card, it won’t be a secret anymore!


Means: Love at First Sight
Give To: The barista at the coffee shop with dreamy eyes

Who knew roses could say so much? Bringing someone a lavender rose confesses that you fell for them instantly.

Giving Tip: Not everyone knows what a lavender rose means—you might just be finding out yourself—so before you get too carried away, be sure to tell the unsuspecting barista what it means.


Means: Appreciation
Give To: Mom or sister

Or cousin or niece or other family member that you want to make feel special. It’s Valentine’s Day—spread the love!

Giving Tip: Get all your ladies together and pull a Lesley Knope and host your very own Galentine’s Day, peach roses included.


Means: Rejuvenation & Fertility
Give To: Recently single friend

No, you’re recently single friend probably doesn’t want a baby, but fertility can also include a richness in life, and a fresh new chapter.

Giving Tip: Don’t go crazy on these, OK? Give a few, but don’t go overboard on the rejuvenation—someone recently single might not be that enthusiastic. Baby steps!

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