Bouquet of Pink Flowers

Often, when we think of florists, it’s specifically in the context of major eventsa wedding, a funeral, or Valentine’s Day. And while those are definitely good reasons to order beautiful bouquets, flowers can be used throughout the year for many more occasions.

Why Flowers?

The simple gesture of giving flowers can say so muchwhatever you want it to, really. They can celebrate with you and mourn with you. They can say, “Thank you” and, “I love you.” And if you really appreciate someone, they can simply be gifted just because.

On top of their sentimental versatility, you can also gift flowers in whatever quantity you want. A dozen is the typical amount for grand romantic gestures or congratulating accomplishments. But you could double that for special occasions, or simply give a few to show someone that were thinking of them. Plus, you can mix and match colors and styles.

Bonus Tip: Ask your florist for pairing recommendations. They’ll know best what is in season and what matches.

When Flowers?

We’ve already mentioned typical occasions that warrant gifting flowers—Valentine’s Day no doubt being the most notablebut when else can you bring someone a bouquet? Below, we suggest eight unique opportunities to bring someone flowers.

1. Work Promotion

Did your bestie get promoted at work? It doesn’t matter if you work with them or not, bring them flowers or have them delivered! We recommend a colorful assortment to brighten up their day.

Flowers Arent Just For Weddings

2. Mother’s Day

You may already do this for your mom, but what about other special moms in your life? A close aunt, neighbor, or friend who continually puts her family first will appreciate the kind thought.

3. For the Holidays

If you’re going over someone’s house, and don’t have to bring food, but want to bring something—bring flowers! They can act as a centerpiece, or be brought out with dessert for ambiance.

Flowers as Centerpiece at Dessert

4. After a Breakup

While floral bunches are typically used for celebration, they serve well to lift the spirits of someone who’s going through a hard time.

5. For Housekeepers, Delivery People, Mail Carriers

Let’s face it, they’re the real MVPs. But chances are you don’t know them well enough for a personal gift. Ask your local florist what arrangement says, “I appreciate you,” then gift it the next time you see them.

Bonus Tip: Pair it with a giftcard to a local restaurant, or general retailer.

6. Birthdays

Because friends and family often celebrate birthdays on the weekend before or after the actual date, surprise someone by sending them birthday flowers to their work on home on the exact day.

Flowers in Clear Vase

7. Graduations or Acceptances

When  you want to congratulate someone, but don’t want to go crazy showering them with gifts, bring over a bouquet to show them you’re proudwithout overdoing it!

8. Just Because

While we may have come up with some great opportunities to bring someone flowers—you don’t actually need a reason. Flowers can also tell someone, “I was thinking of you!” and are sure to put a smile on their face.


Flowers say it all! When in doubt, bring a few over to an elated or a disheartened friend. We recommend always bringing a vase with you, in case they don’t have one the right size—better to be prepared!