Bowling for Multi-Day Wedding

Planning your wedding is stressful—you have to coordinate the photos, the food, and the family all in one day. Many couples feel like they can’t spend enough time with everyone, especially traveling guests. And most forget to eat! As a way to truly soak up the special moment, a recent trend is to plan a multi-day wedding.

The trend has guests arriving early to socialize with the happy couple, or staying after the nuptials are over for a stress-free celebration. Often, not everyone is invited to the pre- and post-wedding activities. Instead, close friends and family participate for a celebration more similar to a holiday than a wedding.

Here are some simple multi-day wedding activities that you and your guests will enjoy. The key is to keep the complexity low—this is supposed to be more fun, not more work!

1. Welcome Bonfire
Perfect for: Beach wedding

As guests arrive the day before, host a relaxing evening where you can socialize without the formality of a wedding. Weather (and location!) permitting, do it around a bonfire, pool, or some other comfortable setting. You can make s’mores, bring out the instruments, and even go for a swim.

Bonfire for Multi-Day Wedding

2. Golf Outing
Perfect for: Large groups

Or bowling, or mini golf. Choose a group activity everyone can enjoy without getting too competitive. This can be scheduled before or after the big day, so it gets bonus points for flexibility. If there’s a particular game or sport you used to play with your friends growing up, reminisce with that.

Bonus Tip: This option is great for friends with kids!

3. Morning-After Brunch
Perfect for: Out-of-town guests

Sometimes, the thought of doing anything the night before is stressful enough—so wait until after! Schedule all your multi-day wedding activities after you say, “I do” so there’s no stress involved, just fun. We recommend brunch because who doesn’t love a good brunch? Plus, many out-of-town guests will spend the night anyway, and they will appreciate a last meal together.

4 Activities for a Multi-Day Wedding

4. Giant Sleepover
Perfect for: Both friends & family

Invite the whole gang over—and yes, we mean the whole gang. A sleepover is the perfect setting for friends, family, kids, any anyone else invited. Do facials and hair masks if your sleepover is the night before, and do a popcorn-and-movie-night if it’s the night of. Anything that brings everyone together!


While the ultimate goal of a wedding is to get married, it’s important that friends and family are there to celebrate with you—and sometimes, a few hours just isn’t enough! Extending to a multi-day wedding may cost you more, but the memories are sure to be worth it!

Have you ever gone to a multi-day wedding? What did you do, and how did it compare to “traditional” day weddings?