We talked sunflowers in the fall and deep purples in the winter. We’ve even suggested non-flower centerpieces in the spring! Now, it’s time to explore the perfect, flower-filled summer centerpiece. With everything from white tulips to painting your own baby’s breath (really!), we’ve got a perfect summer flower with your name on it.

Sometimes, summer weather is hard to predict. Even though it’s warm and sunny in most parts of the country, it can also get too warm and too sunny. With that in mind, we’ve collected a variety of indoor and outdoor summer centerpiece suggestions. In general, we’re sticking with softer, more subtle colors inside this year. We’re playing up the chic whites and antique baby pinks. But if you’re hanging outside, it’s time to go bold and go green.

Of course, as with planning any bouquet or centerpiece, you should check with your event planner or florist before officially choosing a flower. That way, you’re not creating an entire aesthetic from a flower that you can’t even get. Whatever flowers you do end up using, coordinate the proper pickup time with your florist, too. Some flowers wilt quicker than others—which is especially worrisome during the summertime.

White Tulips

Design Tip:
Put 3 or 4 tulips in a glass vase for a simple yet elegant summer centerpiece.

As one of the first flowers to bloom in spring, tulips mark the welcome start to longer days and more hours of sunlight. Although they come in virtually every color—from yellow to pink and black—we’re recommending the white variation of genus Tulipa. The bell-shaped flowers can stand on their own for a chic look at your next baby shower. Or, you can pair them with bushes of green for an elegant showstopper. If you love variety in your bouquets, add in some white lilies or sprigs of Queen Anne’s lace to create texture and variety.

Green Hydrangeas

Design Tip:
Hydrangeas pair beautifully with lilies!

Hydrangeas are another flower that come in multiple colors. Just like tulips, you can find them in pinks, purples, and blues—their more commonly associated color palette. But we think green hydrangeas are perfect for your next summer centerpiece. Whether you’re hosting a minimalist birthday party or planning an outdoor wedding, green hydrangeas are a fresh, aromatic alternative to succulents and other greenery. Add them in colorful bouquets instead of leaves or ferns, or simply bundle other whites and greens for a sophisticated, tonal decoration.

Soft Pink Peonies

Design Tip:
Add succulents and greenery to fill out your arrangement.

The most popular peonies are brightly colored—especially bright pink. But soft pinks are perfect for those warm, summer days. Partnered with other soft greens, oranges, and blues, a peony bouquet has an antique look to it. You can enhance that time-before feel by placing the flowers in antique jars and vases, or wrapping secondhand containers in lace. Although tulips can stand on their own, we do recommend filling out your peony summer centerpiece. It will enhance their softness!

Bright Anthuriums

Design Tip:
Blend in bright yellows for a tropical, beach-ready summer centerpiece.

Of course, not every summer party needs to be subdued! And that’s where brightly colored anthuriums come in. These unique heart-shaped plants can fill your tables with bold reds and startling pinks. Plus, they’re perfect for any ocean-side affair. When bundled with yellow plants and long green leaves, you can create the perfect tropical centerpiece. We don’t recommend putting them too close to food or even on your cake, though. Anthuriums are toxic to people and animals who eat them.

Eucalyptus Garland

Design Tip:
Use as a table runner on long tables or wrap around the base of vases on smaller tables.

It doesn’t get any more low maintenance than a garland of eucalyptus or lamb’s ear. You can easily make your own by twisting the branches together and adding in flower accents as you go, or you can buy a pre-made garland, much like you can buy pre-made bouquets. To really make your eucalyptus at home in your rustic wedding or barn-venue mixer, rest the garland on top of a layer of burlap that sticks out just a few inches on either side. And if your tables are small, or you want room for serving trays and presents, simply make mini garlands and wrap them around the base of a candle or vase!

Painted Baby’s Breath

Design Tip:
Spray different tints and tones of a single hue for a dimensional bouquet.

If you didn’t know that you can spray paint baby’s breath—now you do! Although the white, tiny flowers are often used as pretty, inexpensive fillers, they can also transform to match any color palette. There are plenty of DIY tutorials on the Internet, and some florists will even paint them for you! Whether you paint them or someone else does, we don’t think anything is quite as delicate yet impactful as painted baby’s breath.

Blue Echinops

Design Tip:
Fresh echinops are bright—dry them for a more subdued blue-gray color.

Reminiscent of making wishes with dandelions, blue echinops bring all of the whimsy and none of the weed spreading! Whether you’re looking for an add-on to drive lavender, or need a blue pop of color among the white, echinops can do that for you. And because they’re tall and straight with a smaller flower portion, you can use them individually in delicate vases, too!


In some cases, your flowers will be available—but they’ll be expensive. But hope is not lost! If it’s within your budget, buy a few of your dream flower and fill the centerpiece with baby’s breath, ferns, and other less-expensive options. Then, use the centerpiece(s) in select areas—like the head table or around the entrance archway. It’s not ideal, but you’ll still be able to use the perfect summer flower for your centerpieces.

Which flower do you like the most? Do you prefer softer colors or brighter hues?