Spring is such a lovely season that it’s practically wedding themed: new beginnings, flowers in bloom, warmer weather, sunshine—vibrant and beautiful. Chances are, if you’re having a spring wedding, you’ll be deep in the planning during fall and winter before. Which can make it hard to think of spring wedding favors!

Wedding Favor Considerations

If you’re having a destination wedding or anticipate many out-of-town guests, make sure your favors are easy to travel with! That means no liquids more than 4 oz, nothing delicate or breakable. 

The best wedding favors are ones that reflect something about the couple. Sometimes that means having a theme connected to the venue, for example, if you’re getting married at a vineyard your favors could be mini wine bottles from the winery. 

Whether you’re having a destination wedding or staying local, here are a few wedding favor ideas for your spring wedding!

Lavender as a spring wedding favor
Photo by Qwirki & Co.

Floral Wedding Favors

Weddings and flowers are synonymous. Plus, nothing says Spring quite like flowers. That’s why sending your guests with a growable wedding favor is a great idea! 

Wildflower seeds

Share little packets of flower seeds or plantable ornaments in the shape of a heart. Guests can plant them at any time and think of you as their flowers bloom.

Tulip bulbs

Perfect for an early spring wedding, your guests can take bulbs home with them to plant in their gardens.

Air plants

These are great because they’re tiny and easy to care for! Though they are delicate, they travel well.


Great for a local wedding where guests can transport the tiny potted plants home with them. You can even use them as part of your table centerpieces first!

Dried lavender

Is there anything that makes you think of spring more than the scent of lavender? Sachets of dried lavender or small bouquets of dried lavender sprigs make for a delightful spring wedding favor.

Honey wedding favor
Photo by Hasan Gulec

Tasty Wedding Favors

Spring has a distinct set of flavors – light, citrusy, fruity, and fresh. For the couple who love food, these consumable wedding favors might be the perfect thing.

Coffee beans or loose tea blends

If you have a favorite coffee shop you can get their roasted beans and make wedding favors that remind your guests of the love you have brewing. 

Herbed salt  jars of spices

If the bride and groom love to cook or are huge foodies, fancy salt and spices make a great wedding favor. Consumable and transportable!

Jars of local honey or jam

As long as the jar is under 4 oz, your out-of-town guests can take local honey or jam home with them to enjoy long after the wedding has ended.


You may not be getting married in Paris, but you can have a taste of Paris in the springtime with macarons! Your guests may not even wait for the night to be over to take a bite.

bottle opener favor
Photo by Anca Dorneanu

Useful Wedding Favors

After a long winter, we want to spend time together, preferably outside! Here are a few wedding favors that are perfect for entertaining, celebrating, and being active outside.

Wine bottle stoppers

Especially great if you’re getting married at a winery or vineyard, wine bottle stoppers make a great favor because they are small, sturdy, and you can customize them to make them special to you and your spouse.

Bottle openers

Another great option for a reusable favor are bottle openers! Go for a corkscrew if you’re big wine lovers, or a bottle opener if you’re more of a beer connoisseur.

Reusable straws

A unique and eco-friendly wedding favor are reusable straws. Your guests can enjoy them throughout the night and take them home with them afterwards.

Golf balls

Perfect for spring and any active couple, send your guests home with customized golf balls. They’ll think of you every time they’re out on the course!

Beach Blankets

If you’re getting married on the beach or near the coast, think about sending your guests home with beach blankets! For a less bulky option, go for a linen blanket that can be used on the beach or in the park.


The best wedding favors are fun and special to the bride and groom. Ultimately, guests want to remember a wonderful day and the couple they love. Share sweet memories with them by sending them off with one of these perfect sweet Spring wedding favors.

Marina Crouse is a freelance writer, editor, writing coach, and podcaster living in Los Angeles, CA. To learn more: marinacrousewrites.com