christmas gifts for the coworker who started last week

Finding the perfect holiday gift for your coworkers can be challenging on its own. But what happens when someone new joins the crew days before the holiday? You might not know them well enough to pick a present. And if you already purchased items for the rest of the team, you don’t want the newbie’s gift to feel like an afterthought at the office party. We made an awesome list a few years ago–but it’s time to update! So here’s a fresh list of holiday gifts for the coworker who started last week.

The best gifts are always the personal ones. When you know what someone likes and what they need, you can purchase accordingly. But that can be hard to determine for a new coworker. These gifts are generic enough–but still thoughtful and practical that most people will like. And if you want to make any gift feel extra-special, personalize it! You can write a handwritten note or put the coworker’s name on the present. Let’s check out what your gift options are, though, before we get carried away with customization.

1) Funny Notepads

What coworker can’t use more notepads? And if they just started, they might be struggling to get organized or manage their to-do list. Thankfully, there are brands like Knock Knock and Guajolote Prints that offer useful–and honest–paper products for every situation. For example, you can gift them a “Busy AF” to-do pad to help them stay on task. Or a blank notepad that says “You are Awesome!” at the top. There are dozens of products to choose from that are sure to get a laugh from the coworker who started last week.

2) Snack Box

When you start a new job, it takes some time to get a handle on your surroundings. Where is the nearest coffee shop? Are there vending machines in the cafe? With an assorted snack box, the newest addition to your crew won’t go hungry while they explore the area. While we do recommend asking about any allergies or dietary restrictions, they also don’t have to eat everything! Snack boxes come with assorted treats, so they can always try something new.

3) Hand Warmer

This is an especially great gift for the coworker who started last week in a colder climate, like New England or the Midwest. Their new office might be colder than the last. Or they may be used to working at home under their favorite blankets. Either way, they’ll need a little extra warmth. And you can take it up a notch with a cozy blanket or a mild candle (if your office allows them).

4) Succulent Gift Box

Your coworker will spend a lot of time in their office space. But it can take a while to make that space feel comfortable. A succulent gift box will brighten up any space–and they can survive in poorly lit spaces. (And they can survive if the new guy isn’t great at watering plants!) Plus, you can make a funny pun, like how much work would succ without them. It’s a great, simple way to welcome new coworkers!

5) Non-Slip Travel Mug

There’s nothing worse than knocking your coffee over onto your pile of papers. This non-slip travel mug has a wide base to prevent that from happening! Whether your coworker drinks coco, coffee, or tea, their work will appreciate the protection. Plus, it will keep the beverage warm, which is appreciated in colder climates and on those really busy days.

6) Gift Card

Yes, we know this isn’t the most unique gift for the coworker who started last week. But if it’s something they’ll actually use, then it’s still personal! If you notice that they come in with Starbucks every morning, fund their next few cups of Joe. Or maybe they only use pens from a specific store or brand. Then get them a gift card there! And like we mentioned in the beginning, you can always make a gift personal with a handwritten note.


image of woman holding white, wrapped present with overlay text that says "holiday gifts for the coworker who just started"

We know it’s tricky buy holiday gifts for the coworker who started last week. So we recommend choosing an item that’s practical–with a little personal element, like a note. To start brainstorming your own ideas, notice what your new coworker likes and uses before making a final decision.

What are some other good gift ideas for a new team member? Share your ideas with us below!