With an upcoming wedding to plan, it might seem like your honeymoon is ages away. But it’s important to plan for it while you plan your big day—once your wedding arrives, it’ll be too late to book anything special! We know how overwhelming that sounds, though. So we’re here to help! There are some things, like a camera and cash, that you should bring on any honeymoon. And there are some things that you should wear on any honeymoon, too. In this post, we’ll go through some travel wardrobe essentials for your honeymoon, so you’re prepared no matter where you go.

You may be tempted to buy special swimwear or matching jackets to celebrate your nuptials. And we love that! But be sure to add extra time in your schedule to go shopping or make custom orders—including time for shipping, when necessary. Those matching pieces should also factor into your honeymoon budget as well. Because the honeymoon comes after, it can get a little forgotten. And we don’t want that to happen to you!

So budget for and think through some honeymoon essentials—you can use this list to get started.

Newlywed T-shirts

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You just got married…and everybody should know! It’s adorable when couples wear matching shirts that say Mrs. or Mr. or Wife or Just Married or Groom on their honeymoon because then you get to celebrate all over again with the people you meet on your journey. Matching clothing is practical, too. For example, they’re perfect for traveling in. You can get T-shirts or sweatshirts, or even sweatpants if that’s more your style. And now you have a cute and comfy ‘fit for traveling. Just be sure to choose something that you can spend a lot of time in, because traveling always takes longer than you expect!

Sleep Masks

It’s always difficult to sleep away from home, and it’s even more challenging to rest while on a plane or train. That’s where sleep masks come in! Using a sleep mask can help you catch up on rest during nap time. Plus, they can block out bright lights in vehicles or early sunrises in new locations. On top of that, you can use them anywhere—like the plane for napping, resting, or during overnight flights. With so many uses, they’re a wardrobe essential for your honeymoon.

Matching Swimwear

Even if you’re not going to a tropical location—bring your swimsuit! Your hotel might have a hot tub or spa, and it doesn’t take up much space in your bag. Many couples purchase new swimwear for their honeymoon, too. Wearing a white wedding dress is tradition, and your honeymoon is an extension of your wedding. So we say, “Bring on the white!” Of course, your swimsuit can say something like Bride on it. Or you can just stick with plain white options.

And if white isn’t your thing, try to coordinate your swimwear so you can match when you’re strolling the sands. After all, the important thing is to have some fun with your swimwear.

Surprise Lingerie

It’s your honeymoon, so we all know there will probably be some hanky panky. And if you’re like most couples, you were living together before you tied the knot. You’ve probably slept together, too. So while it’s exciting to be intimate after you said I do, you might be looking for additional ways to make the moment special. Well, that’s where surprises come in! Pack some surprise lingerie or sleepwear you know your partner will love, or even something else to use in the bedroom. Because it’s a surprise, it will naturally make the moment unique—which is what you want on your honeymoon!

Tote Bag

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You can get away with a small bag or purse when you’re running errands at home. But when you’re traveling, you’ll need more essentials on-hand. You might take day trips, so you can’t run back to your hotel to grab more water. Or you might just want to feel more prepared overall, because you’re far from home. So a larger bag is perfect to fit everything, including a passport, travel documents, water, and any adapters or international cellphones. All that won’t fit in a small crossbody! Plus, if you’re heading out to the beach, you’ll need something to carry the rest of the wardrobe essentials for your honeymoon, like your swimsuit and towel!

Casual Clothing You Can Dress Up

Versatility is important when traveling. You won’t be able to bring your entire wardrobe, but you also might not know every activity that you’re going to do when you get there. So, pack accordingly! That means jeans that can be dressed up, or maxi dresses and shirts that can go both ways, too. This will expand your options without having to pack extra clothing, and it will help prevent you from getting bored with your outfits, too.


Packing the right wardrobe essentials for your honeymoon is a great way to be prepared, so you can focus on having fun. This includes matching T-shirts, brand new swimwear, and the right bags. Just don’t forget to budget for any new items, and account for shipping time when you’re shopping online or ordering custom items!

What will you absolutely bring with you on your honeymoon? Are you purchasing anything new for the trip?