Your dress is obviously the most important piece of your wedding day ensemble. Guests will gasp at its beauty when you walk down the aisle and tear up as your train spins around the dance floor. It certainly stands out on its own, but your wedding jewelry can enhance its color, shape, and style. So while you may not spend as much time shopping for wedding jewelry, it’s still an important part of your special day.

Thankfully, choosing your wedding jewelry isn’t as complicated as choosing your dress or your venue or your wedding flowers. And if you already have your dress picked out—that makes jewelry shopping even easier! Because the accessories should complement the color and style of your dress, some of the decisions are already made for you. For example, silver or platinum jewelry looks best with white dresses, while gold accessories pair better with ivory gowns. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves! Let’s start at the beginning and go over some tips for choosing the perfect wedding jewelry.

Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry

Bring any must-wear pieces while dress shopping

Many brides choose to satisfy the something borrowed tradition with jewelry from friends or family. If you have a necklace, bracelet, or any piece of jewelry that you absolutely want to wear at your wedding—bring it when you go dress shopping. That way, you won’t end up choosing a dress that clashes with your jewelry. It’s also common for brides to pick a veil along with the dress. And if you have any jewelry with you, you can make sure the veil accents the piece and doesn’t hide it.

Match your necklace to your neckline

The neckline of your dress is critical for more than just framing your face—it also helps you choose the perfect necklace. For example, if your dress is strapless, a short necklace or choker will pair perfectly. On the other hand, you should skip a necklace altogether if your dress has a high neckline. Instead, choose a pair of statement earrings. And for V-necks? You can do either! Based on your personal style, you could wear a choker necklace or a longer, pendant one. If they’re simple and delicate enough, you can even layer them. Just don’t crowd out your neckline!

Match your metals to your dress

As we’ve already alluded to, the color of your dress plays an important part in your wedding jewelry, too, because certain metals look better with certain colors. For true white wedding dresses, platinum and silver look best. But if you’re wearing an ivory or champagne dress, gold will really make it shine. And for a more bold blush dress, we’d recommend rose gold jewelry. It’s also okay to reverse engineer this. For example, let’s say you only wear gold jewelry. Then, you’d want to look for an ivory or warmer white dress to match.

Choose one accessory to be a focal point

Your dress is the star of the show; there’s no denying that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a second, smaller star. Aside from your dress, consider choosing one accessory to be a focal point. This could be a statement necklace or a stunning veil. Whatever it is, use that piece to accentuate your dress and set the tone for the rest of your accessories. It’s a great way to prioritize what you wear, which makes choosing your wedding jewelry easier.

Make a statement—but don’t go overboard

bride with statement necklace and tiara with overlay text that reads "tips for choosing your wedding jewelry"

Of course, you want to make a statement. But you don’t want to clutter your outfit—that can distract from your dress and your hairstyle. So when you’re choosing your accessory focal point, make sure all the other accessories are smaller and more subtle. For example, if your necklace is your statement piece, reconsider sparkly dangling earrings. Instead, go for a simple stud or small hoop. (It can still sparkle, just not as much as the necklace.) This will give your look balance, and make all the different pieces feel like one outfit.

Choose pieces that you like

While you want to look great on your wedding day, that shouldn’t come at the expense of your own style and comfort. No matter what looks good according to industry standards, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in everything that you wear—right down to your wedding jewelry. After all, your happiness is the best complement to any dress, hairstyle, or accessory.


Choosing your wedding jewelry is fun! For starters, you get to re-live choosing your dress. Plus, you get to pick out pieces that have more drama than your day-to-day jewelry. And while it’s important to select pieces that you like, you should also consider some styling tips when you shop—at least in the beginning. You have to start somewhere, and then you can make adjustments as you really find your personal style.

Would you go bold with jewelry on your wedding day? Or keep it simple and understated?