As a bride, one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is deciding what to wear. That, of course, includes the dress and the shoes. But small details, like bridal hair accessories, tie the dress and the shoes together for a true head-to-toe look. Just like wedding dress shopping, you’ll need to compare styles to choose the best fit for you. And the good news is we’re here to help!

Before we start helping you choose the right bridal hair accessories, it’s important to know your options. Common hair accessories include combs, barrettes and clips, headbands, vines, and veils. But you can always choose a more unique piece, like a headpiece, crown, tiara, or hat. Any hairpiece can be simple or ornate, big or small—although barrettes will always be smaller than a hat or crown!

Plus, you can combine some hairpieces with others. For example, your veil can be attached to a headband, or you can use a hair vine and matching clips. And if you really want to match your wedding theme—add flowers from your bouquet or incorporate those pearls from your centerpieces. Once you’ve made your decision, your hairdresser usually puts the pieces on while they do your hair or just after. (It depends on your hairstyle!) But for that to happen, you have to choose a bridal hair accessory first. Here are five things to consider before choosing.

Consider Your Hair Type

choose the right bridal hair accessories and consider your hair type

Your bridal hair accessories will be in your hair—obviously! So your hair is the perfect place to start when making your decision. Your hair type may be more compatible with certain accessories. For example, thin hair types will have a harder time holding up bigger or heavier pieces, so sparkling pins or headbands might stay in place better. On the other hand, thicker hair can hold a more decorated comb, but smaller barrettes might get lost in your ‘do.

If you want to see what your hair can hold, buy or borrow some different accessories to try in the months leading up to your wedding. They don’t have to be wedding accessories or even match your wedding theme! You just have to try some different styles and see which ones you like the best. (And which ones your hair likes the best!)

Consider Your Hair Style

Of course, if you want to wear a hair accessory that doesn’t totally match your hair type, the right hair style can give you more or different options. For example, an up-do will make it easier for thinner hair to hold a comb if you have your heart set on wearing one.

Bonus Tip: If you’re unsure which style would work best for your accessories—talk to your hairdresser.

And if you have thick hair, a half-up, half-down style means there’s a smaller bun to put those pins in. Now you don’t need to buy as many, and they won’t get lost! You can even combine accessories with pins in the bun and a vine along the hair that’s down.

Consider Your Dress

choose the right bridal hair accessories and consider your dress

Like your shoes, your bridal hair accessories should complement your dress. (Your dress is a centerpiece of the wedding, after all!) So, what kind of embellishments does your dress have? With an ornate dress, you can use more intricate hair pieces because they’ll all blend together. On the other hand, a more simple dress might look too plain against elaborate hair accessories—especially if they’re large.

Don’t forget to consider the color of your dress, too. Typically, gold enhances off-white and champagne dresses, while silver matches white best. Of course, your bridal hair accessories should match your other bridal jewelry—like bracelets and necklaces—so if you’ve already chosen other jewelry, the color is already chosen for you.

Consider Your Angles

While you should choose hair accessories that you like, you still want your guests to see them. After all—isn’t that part of getting all dressed up for your wedding! We want you to love how you look for your big day, but we also want you to show off a little bit. So, before finalizing your hair accessory purchase, take a 360-degree look at your new look.

Yes, your hair accessories should be beautiful head-on for vows and photos, but not everyone will always see you straight on. For example, will guests be able to see your bridal hair accessories while you’re exchanging I dos? If your comb is on your left side, nestled in your low bun, guests won’t see it if you stand on the left side of the altar. If you’re worried about hidden hair accessories (and don’t want to switch venues!), sprinkle in some clips or pins to offset the blank hair space.

Consider Your Personal Style

Like we just said—you should wear dresses and shoes and hair pieces that you want to wear, pieces that make you feel comfortable, confidence, and maybe even a little sexy. After all, this is your day! So, most importantly, don’t forget to consider your personal style before choosing your bridal hair accessories.

Bonus Tip: Try on accessories after your wedding hair trial to see what it’ll really look like.

Do you like a simple, chic piece? Or would you prefer something shiny and ornate? If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to try on multiple styles before choosing. And remember that your wedding style doesn’t have to match your everyday style. Maybe you wouldn’t wear a tiara or vine to work—but you’re not going to work! You’re going to a wedding, and it’s OK to embrace the fancy, formal version of your personal style.


Your bridal hair accessories are an important part of your wedding day attire. They tie your whole look together and enhance any hairdo, so it’s important to choose the right look. Before committing to your hair accessories, consider your hair type, hair style and personal style, all your day-of angles, and, of course, your wedding dress.

What’s your favorite hair accessory? Do you prefer one statement piece or multiple complementary pieces?