8 Non-White Wedding Dresses for the Bold Bride

Not the traditional type of bride? That’s okay, no one said you had to follow true to tradition. Many modern brides are choosing bold non-white wedding dresses, making them standout and express their unique personality. While the classic white wedding dress may be what most guests expect to see, why not surprise them with a colorful dress, making their eyes focus on your walk down the aisle.

When looking for a non-white wedding dress, consider colors that bring out your personality. Are you fun and airy? Maybe a bright color, like yellow or pink, would look best on you. Are you daring and brave? Possibly consider a darker color, like navy blue, deep purple, or black. Whichever color you choose, make sure you’re happy with your decision and rock that colored wedding dress!

Top 8 Non-White Wedding Dresses 


Yellow Wedding dresses are the perfect choice for a non-white wedding dress.

Bring out your bright personality with a beautiful yellow wedding dress. This color is perfect for the bride who wants a bouquet full of deep pinks, purples, and dark greens.


Bo-ho chic wedding dress. Choose color for your non-white wedding dress.

Choose a wedding dress with a colorful pattern or design to make your dress stand out. Add a floral crown to add a matching burst of color to your ensemble.

Whimsical Fairytale

Whimsical wedding dresses are a fun choice for a non-white wedding dress.

Are you a dreamer looking to start the beginning of your perfect fairytale? Consider a colorful dress that flows in the wind, giving off a magical whimsical vibe.

Modern Floral

Choose a Non-white wedding dress, such as this modern floral design.

Maybe you’re the modern bride who enjoys a touch of flare. Choose a dress full of artistic elements, bold color, and flawless design. Your guests will be impressed with how stylish you are.

Classy Gold

Shine on your wedding day with this non-white wedding dress!

Bring a touch of class to your wedding by walking down the aisle in a shimmering gold wedding dress. Perfect for the high-style bride looking to be the star of her wedding day.

Make-Me-Blush Pink

This non-white wedding dress is a beautiful blush pink.


Show the love of your life how sweet you really are with a soft blushed pink wedding dress. Your groom won’t be able to stop staring at you and giving you kisses all night long.

Soft Gray

Choose a dusky gray wedding dress for your non-white wedding dress choice.

Find a dress adorned in lacey gray elements to set the tone for your wedding day. This modern, yet classic look, will make you look both lovely and sophisticated.


Dark Black, Non-white wedding dress for the bold bride.

We saved the most bold colored wedding dress for last: black. Show off your confidence with a dark colored wedding dress and take control of your special day in style.

Now that you’ve found your perfect wedding dress, find your bridesmaids something unique to wear!

Did you choose to wear a traditional white wedding dress? Or did you choose a non-white wedding dress for your special day? Tell us about it below. 

Photo credits: Pinterest