Weddings mark the start of a lifelong journey for couples, filled with love, partnership, and shared dreams. But as we become more conscious of our environmental footprint, it’s crucial to consider sustainability in your wedding plans. One of the first steps in this green journey is choosing sustainable wedding invitations.

Not only do these eco-friendly choices reduce waste, but they also set a meaningful tone for your special day. Here are a few ways to embrace sustainability right from your wedding invitations.

Why choose sustainable wedding invitiations?

The traditional wedding invitation process involves a significant amount of paper and waste. From save-the-dates to RSVP cards, the paper trail left by a standard wedding can be extensive. By opting for sustainable wedding invitations, you’re not only reducing waste and deforestation, but you’re also spreading awareness with those on your guest list.

Use Eco-Friendly Materials

Many companies are embracing sustainable products to line up with customer demand, so you’ll certainly find some options when vetting print shops. Here are a few options:

  • Recycled Paper: According to Green America, recycled paper production emits 40% fewer greenhouse gasses. Additionally, by using recycled paper versus non-recycled paper, you are saving 100% of the trees, 31% of the energy, 53% of the water, and 39% less solid waste. Make sure you look for 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper.
  • Plantable Paper: Plantable paper, or seed paper, is a biodegradable eco-paper made with post-consumer and post-industrial paper waste that is embedded with seeds. Once your invitation is no longer needed, guests can drop it into a pot with some soil and get growing! The paper composts away and leaves the seeds behind. You can even choose what seeds to include – wildflowers, herbs, or even vegetables.
  • Recycled Cotton Paper: The textiles industry contributes millions of tons of cotton to landfills every year, so using recycled cotton and denim pulp creates a strong, sustainable paper that many governments use for bank notes and currency.  
  • Bamboo, Sugarcane, Straw, and Hemp Paper: Papers made from these sustainable resources are durable, elegant, and have a lower environmental impact than traditional paper. In most cases, these papers do not need to be bleached, and are free of harsh chemicals, as they can easily be turned into pulp to create paper. 

One thing to note: Be careful of the inks and embellishments you use on the invitation. We suggest checking to make sure anything you use is either biodegradable or able to be recycled.

'Old World Charm' Wedding Invitation in Green
Source: Greenvelope

Opt for Digital Invitations

In the digital age, e-vites are a sustainable and efficient alternative to paper. They significantly reduce waste and offer a convenient way to manage RSVPs. There are tons of platforms online that can help you create and send digital invitations that reflect your personality and wedding theme. Now to get all of your guests’ email addresses…

Minimize Waste

Even with sustainable materials, it’s important to minimize waste. Consider the following when creating your invitations:

  • All-in-One Design: While you may be tempted to create a variety of materials for your invitations, skinnying down the number of separate inserts reduces waste and saves time.
  • Online RSVPs: Print a QR code onto your invitations and ask that your guests RSVP that way. This cuts down on paper use and can make it easier to track responses.
  • Mindful Packaging: Avoid plastic sleeves or any other unnecessary packaging. If you need envelopes, choose recyclable options.
Source: Yunustug from baseimage

Support Sustainable Businesses

When selecting your invitations, consider supporting small businesses that specialize in eco-friendly products. These companies often use sustainable practices in all aspects of their operation, from sourcing materials to packaging. By choosing these vendors, you’re supporting the broader mission of sustainability and ethical business practices.

Source: Botanical Paperworks

Communicate Your Why

Part of the beauty of sustainable wedding invitations is the statement they make. Consider including a note about your choice to go green. Encourage your guests to make eco-conscious decisions whenever possible. Let invitees know that your invitations can be recycled or composted.

If you’re using seed paper, provide instructions for how to plant. If space is limited, consider including a sustainability page on your wedding website that guests can access for more information and instructions.


Choosing sustainable wedding invitations is a meaningful step towards a more environmentally friendly celebration. It reflects a commitment not only to each other but also to the well-being of our planet.

As you embark on this journey together, let your wedding invitations be a testament to your values and the sustainable life you aim to build together. Remember, every small choice in favor of sustainability contributes to a larger impact. Let your love story be a green one, starting with the very first invitation.

Kadi McDonald is a freelance writer, marketing strategist, and proud Cleveland sports fan.