Create a Mobile Friendly Website to Attract and Book More Customers

Are you looking for additional ways to bring in more bookings? Make sure your business is running a mobile friendly website to help convert customers viewing your services. Not sure if you have a mobile friendly website? No problem– we can help you figure that out.

First, let’s start with why it’s important to have a mobile friendly website for your business. About 50% of planners looking for a space for their wedding, party, or meeting are using mobile devices during the week. On the weekends, that number grows even higher to about 70%– that’s a lot of mobile users! With the numbers being this high, doesn’t it make sense to provide customers with a mobile friendly interface? What will planners see when they come across your website? Will it load fast enough for their phones or tablets? Will it easily display your services and information? Let’s find out.

Creating a Mobile Friendly Website to convert customers

Mobile-Optimized Design

When was the last time you checked what you website looked like on a phone or tablet? Does it look nice or is there some room for improvement? If your website design does not look good on mobile, then you are most likely losing clients with every visit.

If you’ve discovered that your website design is not mobile friendly, consider finding a new design that is labeled “Mobile-Optimized”. Online website hosts like Squarespace and WordPress offer out-of-the-box designs that are already mobile-optimized.


After you install your mobile friendly website theme, check and see how fast (or slow) your website is loading. If you find that your website is taking awhile to load, you may have overloaded your website with too much rich content. Make sure photos on your website are web-ready and that your homepage is filled with necessary content only.

Visible Call-to-Action

Is your call-to-action visible on your homepage? Make sure that your services are clearly stated, easy to find, and simple to click on. Making your customers search around on your website will only make them frustrated and will make them turn away faster.

Contact is Key

One of the largest mistakes businesses make is hiding their contact information from their customers. Just like your main call-to-action, your contact information should be readily available on your homepage. Make it easy for customers to connect with you about any questions they may have– it’s never fun trying to search for something that should be easily available.

If you need to make any of these adjustments to your website, we recommend doing it fast. Many businesses lose customers daily when they don’t make these changes. Learning to grow with the online market is one of the best decisions you can make for your business growth. So, what are you waiting for? Create a mobile friendly website and start booking more customers today!