Over the past decade, more and more venues have started displaying pricing on their Eventective profiles. Now, more than half of all venues include pricing details for at least one type of event—and there’s good reason for that.

Pricing is the #1 thing that Eventective users want to know up front when they’re venue shopping. By giving users exactly what they want, venues are receiving more inquiries and better-qualified leads. In this post, we’ll explain why upfront pricing is important and show you how to add pricing to increase bookings on your Eventective listing.

Why Is Pricing Important?

Let’s follow the journey of Jane Planner to understand just how important pricing is. She’s planning a surprise anniversary party for her parents and, like most people planning an event, she starts by setting a budget and searching for a venue.

Pricing Attracts the Right Leads

When Jane is scrolling through venues on Eventective, she’s going to pay particular attention to pricing. If she likes a venue that’s within her budget, she’ll call or email to get more information or request a quote. Her budget aligns with the venue’s pricing, so she’s the perfect prospective customer. In this case, transparent pricing resulted in a qualified lead and a potential booking.

On the other hand, if a venue is over her budget, she’s going to skip it. This is good for her and good for the venue. It’s good for Jane because staying on budget means she’ll have the financial means for cake and decorations when she gets to that step. And it’s good for the venue because no one has to waste time on an inquiry that can’t be accommodated. In this case, transparent pricing helped weed out a low-quality inquiry with an unrealistic budget.

But what will Jane do with a venue she loves, but doesn’t know the pricing for? She’s going to skip those venues, too. It’s not worth her time to find out whether the waterfront patio is within her budget. In this case, lack of transparent pricing lost a potential booking. No matter what Jane’s budget is, you’re less likely to miss a qualified when you add pricing to increase bookings.

Eventective Prioritizes Profiles With Pricing

Because Jane’s #1 priority is transparent pricing, we designed our search results to meet her needs. We display profiles with up-to-date pricing at the top of search results, above those that don’t display pricing. This means that potential customers don’t have to scroll as far to find your venue, resulting in more visibility and, consequently, more leads for your business. (And, like we already mentioned, those leads will be a better fit for you, too.)

We also give Jane the option to filter venues by price—she can decide to see every search result or just the ones that list pricing. If she chooses the latter, she won’t see any venues that don’t have pricing. Even if Jane is the perfect customer for your venue, she won’t have the chance to see your profile.

How Can I Customize My Profile Pricing?

Our goal at Eventective is to get you booked, so we don’t back you into any corners—especially when it comes to pricing. You know what pricing model works best for your business, so we give you plenty of options:

  • You can add pricing per person, per hour, or per event
  • You can customize the pricing based on event type
  • You can add amenities or other pricing packages

Let’s explore each of these options in a little more detail.

Choose a Pricing Format

Every venue is unique, so you have three pricing formats to choose from for your Eventective profile. Pick whichever one most accurately reflects the way you do business:

  1. Per person pricing: Display a fixed price or price range based on the headcount for the event.
  2. Per hour pricing: Display a fixed price or price range based on the duration of the event.
  3. Per event pricing: Display a fixed price or price range for a single event.

You can display a fixed price if you have a standard rate for any of these formats. Or choose a price range, with a minimum and maximum value, if your pricing does vary. Both methods set clear budget expectations from the start.

Choose an Event Type

choose an event type when you add pricing to increase bookings

Before they start searching for venues, Eventective users have to decide whether they’re planning a wedding, party, or meeting. In their search results, venue pricing is displayed based on their choice. So for Jane’s surprise anniversary party, she’ll select party at the beginning of her venue search, and she’ll only see party pricing for venues in her search area.

To create that distinction, venues can assign different prices for different types of events. For example, your per-person pricing for a wedding may differ from your per-person pricing for a party. Similarly, you can display per-hour pricing for a meeting, but per-event pricing for a wedding. 

There are three event types to choose from:

  1. Weddings: Add wedding pricing if your venue is ideal for wedding ceremonies and/or receptions. Typically, wedding venues have a private room or area for the wedding party to get ready (separately!), space for a cocktail hour that is distinct from the reception area, and a photogenic landscape for photos that isn’t crowded by guests.
  2. Parties: Add party pricing if your venue is ideal for parties, like birthday parties, bridal showers, and graduation celebrations. Typically, party venues have room for tables and games, speakers to play music, and options for decorating the space.
  3. Meetings: Add meeting pricing if your venue is the perfect spot for networking events, corporate retreats, and yearly summits. Typically, meeting venues have conference tables and chairs, AV capabilities, some sort of projector for presentations, and a conference phone.

You can add pricing to increase bookings for one event type or all three —it’s totally up to you!

Add Amenity Packages

Do you have more than space to offer your customers? If so, you can add amenity packages to your profile. Packages increase your value add because Jane won’t have to shop around for multiple vendors. Instead, she can book her catering and decorations through you. So be sure to list whatever packages you offer, like:

  • Menus: For venues that offer catering services of other edible add-ons
  • Packages: For venues that offer amenities like AV support, decorating services, and shuttles
  • Rental rates: For venues that offer room rentals on site or with a nearby hotel

How Do I Add Pricing to My Profile?

how to add pricing

Adding pricing to your Eventective profile is easy:

  1. Log in to your Eventective Profile.
  2. Navigate to the Pricing tab on your My Eventective page.
  3. Click the Add Pricing button.
  4. Add as many different pricing packages as you want, including notes about deposits and booking fees.

Prefer a quick video tutorial? Click here, or watch below!


The most important thing to remember is that people who are planning events, like Jane, want venue pricing up front. If your venue is out of their budget, they’ll move on. And if they don’t know whether it’s in their budget, they’ll still move on.

By adding pricing to your profile, you’re giving Eventective users exactly what they want, and you’ll attract more, higher quality leads, too. It’s a win all around — so what are you waiting for? Add pricing to increase bookings today!