Patriotic appetizers

Whether you’re celebrating Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, or just throwing a patriotic party, why not go all out and make patriotic appetizers in red, white, and blue! There are so many creative ways you can incorporate these colors into your foods, while still offering your guests a wide variety.


Red, white, and blue deviled eggs - Patriotic appetizers!

The very first thing you want to do is pick which foods to use. While you could take the time to dye your deviled eggs, we think it’s just easier to choose foods that are already the right color. Because who has the time to dye eggs for a cookout?

For your fruits, you have plenty of options: raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, red grapes, and even red apples if you keep the skin. For everything else, you can pick from various cheeses, white-chocolate-covered anything, red potatoes, tomatoes, and puddings.


Flag Plate perfect for the 4th of July- Patriotic recipes!

Choose from any of the following ideas to create fun, patriotic appetizers for your party:

1. Make Them Into a Flag

Organize any of your selected foods into the pattern of the American flag. Be sure to group foods that naturally go together—like fruits and cheeses, or a colorful veggie platter. For an interactive approach, use a dip or compote as the stars, so guests can choose their red or white food and dip away.

Example from Family Fresh Meal

2. Skewer Them

Line up your favorite patriotic foods, and put them on a stick! Consider what foods are easiest to eat in one bite—and keep the pieces small enough for that.

Bonus Tip: Customize our favorite kebab recipes with red, white, and blue inspiration from this post!

Example from Seeded at the Table

3. Serve Them on Bread

Whether it’s a cracker, crostini, or a similar bite-sized bread, lather it up with your favorite red, white, and blue combinations. That compote you’re using for the flag would pair well with some cheese, or go the bruschetta route with some red lettuce, tomato, and dressing.

Example from Farm Fresh Feasts

4. Bake ‘Em

At the beginning of the post, we mentioned red potatoes. Now’s your chance to use them! Bake or broil your potatoes ahead of time for a festive treat—or dust off the grill and welcome the summer with some grilled potatoes.

Example from Poughkeepsie Journal

5. Mix Them in a Bowl

This one isn’t a cop-out, we promise! There are so many salads and mixes you can make with your red, white, and blue. Stick to the colors completely and prepare a fruit salad, or put some vegetables and cheeses atop a bed of greens for a well-rounded, yet still festive, appetizer.

Example from Recipe 4 Living


5 Ways to Make Patriotic Appetizers

And share your success with us! We want to see your creations, and hear how your red, white, and blue treats turned out. Post photos of your patriotic appetizers below! Happy 4th!