Although wearing white is the traditional route for a bride on her wedding day, plenty of brides decide to defy tradition and wear colorful wedding dresses. It’s a way to showcase their personality and stay true to themselves–important goals for such an important day. And while there are lots of colors to choose from, pink wedding dresses are a steadfast alternative because of all the variety of shades and tints.

From blush to coral to dark, reddish-pink wedding dresses, you can select the perfect nontraditional color for any wedding in any season. Plus, you’re more likely to re-wear a pink evening gown over a white one. While you could wear a white formal dress to a work event, you can’t wear it as a guest to another wedding. But you can certainly wear a pink dress to a wedding. (And a formal work event!) If you don’t believe us, then keep scrolling! We’ll show you fifteen stunning pink wedding dresses to inspire your colorful wardrobe that you’ll want to wear again.

Of course, you’ll still need accessories and shoes for the big day. We recommend choosing gold or cream accessories. Those color families will match perfectly with any shade of pink, and they’re easier to re-wear, too. After all, planning a sustainable wedding is the perfect way to feel good while you look good.

Blush Pink Wedding Dresses

Perfect for fall & winter weddings

Blush wedding dresses are perfect for the bride who doesn’t want a white dress–but doesn’t want a bold, colorful dress, either. The softness of blush makes it perfect for the darker, chillier months of fall and winter. And you can emphasize that by pairing it with a rich navy or a deep green. Because the soft pink color is so close to white, you can wear a blush wedding dress to any style wedding, too. Whether you’re planning a formal wedding or a casual one, a blush dress is the perfect centerpiece.

Bubblegum Pink Wedding Dresses

Perfect for spring weddings

Bubblegum wedding dresses are perfect for brides who want to make a statement in the spring–but not a loud statement. These candy-colored dresses are a little bolder than off-white shades of pink. However, they’re not as pronounced as darker shades. Instead, you can show off your nontraditional preferences without being too dramatic, if drama isn’t your thing. Plus, the bubblegum brightness will pair perfectly with the rich colors of spring, no matter where your venue is.

Bright Pink Wedding Dresses

Perfect for summer & fall weddings

Bright pink wedding dresses are perfect for bold bride who’s tying the knot in the summer or fall. No one will miss you walking down the aisle or tearing up the dance floor in one of these dresses! Wedding dresses are always the star of the wedding, but nothing else can compete with a bright pink dress. However, we do recommend letting your guests know about your color choice. Most guests know not to wear white or off-white. But if you’re wearing a colorful wedding dress, they may come dressed in the same color. To avoid all that, kindly ask guests to avoid pink.

Coral Wedding Dresses

Perfect for summer & fall weddings

Coral wedding dresses can achieve the same boldness as a bright pink dress. Not only is the color bright, but it’s also unique. This makes the color stand out even more, which is perfect for sunny summer days and cooler fall evenings. For most of these pinks, both gold and cream accessories would pair perfectly. But for coral, we recommend going completely gold, and skipping the creams. Because coral has an orange-y look to it, the gold will complement the dress better and won’t get swallowed by its brightness.

Statement Pink Wedding Dresses

Perfect for any season

Of course, you can make a statement in any shade of pink, because a statement dress is all about the dress. You want to choose a dress that is unique. For example, you could wear a dress in a bold color that has lots of activity, like the first dress pictured. Or you could wear a dress with lots of detail that is beautiful up close and far away, like the second dress. But it’s your special day, so you can choose a dress that’s not really a dress, like the third picture. (That third dress is actually a skirt-and-top combination.)


Pink wedding dresses are perfect for the nontraditional bride who’s bored with white wedding dresses. But, that bride will need to figure out just what shade of pink she wants to wear. From muted blushes to bright corals, there are plenty of options for every season. So first, pick your wedding season. Then, determine which shades of pink are best for that season. And finally, choose your favorite!

Would you ever wear a pink wedding dress? What other colors would you wear for your wedding day?