There are some surprising details to share with about your wedding. Having a wedding website is a must these days to address guest questions and more. We’ve thought a lot about what should go on your wedding website, so you can save that mental energy for other aspects of planning. In fact, we have a free website building tool to help you get started. 

When it comes to wedding planning, there are always so many details going on behind-the-scenes that the guests never see. And after planning for months or years, it’s hard to remember what to communicate to your bridal party, family, and guests. 

We’ve shared 12 guest questions to answer on your website. However, these are ten surprising details you need to share with your wedding guests that often get forgotten. Don’t stress yet, though. There will always be something to think about when planning such an important event, but we’re here to help. 

Desert Buffet details
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Share details about the food

The invitations may cover meal choice, but it’s important to include this detail on your website as well. If you’re offering family-style or buffet meals, you can describe the type of food and why it fits for you. Maybe there’s a backstory about the taco bar you’re serving that you want to share with your guests!

Cocktail hour length

Many people want to know how long they have to snack and mingle before sitting down for the reception. This is also helpful to share with your photographer or videographer, because believe it or not guests ask them too! If you’re having bridal party photos taken during this hour, guests might go looking for you to say hello. Make sure you include the estimated time of each part of the wedding in the schedule.

Share dinner details

Guests have the best intentions, but sometimes they run late and miss the ceremony. Or, they haven’t snacked enough and don’t anticipate that the first dance and speeches will come before the meal is served. Share these details on the schedule section of your website. Let guests know what to expect on the big day.

After party details

Sometimes after-party ideas are spontaneous and guests end up in the hotel bar to keep the celebration going. But, if you’re planning anything as a wind-down to the reception, let people know ahead of time! No one wants to miss out on the campfire smores or late-night pizza because they weren’t in the know. Advertise your thoughtfully planned after-dancing event. 

Location of quiet spaces

Weddings are becoming more and more inclusive and that’s how it should be. Some guests are sensitive to sound or crowds and need a quieter space to sit for a bit. If your venue has quieter seating areas, like a pre-reception area outside the ballroom or an outdoor patio, let your guests know on the website! 

Share cultural details
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Share your ceremony backstory

Provide details of your ceremony or reception that may not be familiar to your guests. Many religious ceremonies will be new to some guests, or may be performed in another language. There’s no harm in explaining the beauty and importance of your culture. Include a detail or two about what to expect on your wedding website, or on your wedding programs.

Alternate location info

Everyone knows what happens when it rains on your wedding day…sometimes you get wet. If you are getting married during a rainy season, make sure to include any rain plans on your wedding website. Or, if the ceremony is in one location and the reception is at another, make sure guests know about it! Include location details on the wedding website and don’t forget to share parking and transportation information.

Virtual components

Thanks to 2020, virtual access to a wedding has become a thing. If you plan to have any virtual components of your wedding, let your guests know. Especially if there are far-away family and friends who can’t attend but you’d like to include. 

Share group photo details

We’ve all been to a wedding where the bride or groom want to take a class picture with their college friends. Typically, someone gets tasked with corralling excited party-goers for the photo. If you plan to take various group photos, let your photographer know AND any relevant guests! That way you can save time and get back to the dance party.

Unusual or unique traditions

There are some cultural traditions that people don’t realize aren’t a norm – for example: the cookie table. Once upon a time, it was tradition in Western PA for guests to bring homemade cookies to the wedding to share with the bride, groom, and other guests. If you’re having a special-to-you element of your reception, make sure you include that on your website! 


Ultimately, your guests are so happy and excited to celebrate your love and want to share in the big day. But, most of the time they don’t want to ask any questions that might cause stress or distraction. By including these often-overlooked details on your wedding website, you can relax and know that you and your guests will get the most out of your wedding.

Marina Crouse is a freelance writer, editor, writing coach, and podcaster living in Los Angeles, CA. To learn more: