There are so many details to manage while planning a wedding—and your guests need to know a lot of those details. Your save the dates and wedding invitations are two key forms of communication, but a wedding website is an important third. On your website, you can include additional information that doesn’t fit in your invitation package, but is still useful for guests to know. It’s also a great way for friends and family to get to know you and your partner, so they feel a little involved in your love story.

Ultimately, your website is for your guests, so consider what information would enhance their experience at your wedding. We’ve compiled a list of important pieces that make a robust website your guests will enjoy. Of course, no matter what you put on your wedding website, make sure all the basic details are still included on the formal invitation—while your website is going to be awesome, there’s no guarantee that every guest will look at it.

Wedding Details

Key reception and ceremony information should be listed clearly on your wedding website. While your invitations will include necessary specifics (that should also be on your website), this is a chance to provide guests with additional, nice-to-have information that wouldn’t fit in the invitation package.

Bonus Tip: Don’t list the URL on the formal invite; include a wedding website insert instead.

Include start time, location, and detailed directions—especially if the reception is at a different venue from the ceremony. If you plan to hang signs or tie balloons for easy spotting, let guests know to look for those, too. You should also list a few local hotels for your out-of-town guests, even if you don’t have rooms blocked. This saves them the hassle of trying to find one on their own, especially considering they’re traveling to come celebrate with you.

Include Directions on Wedding Website

Important Links

If you have any special links, like a gift registry or wedding hashtag, include those in the main navigation so guests don’t have to go hunting. You might also have a link for guests to reserve a hotel room or submit a song request for the reception. All these links should be easy for guests to find—remember, your wedding website is for your guests. The last thing you want is for friends and family to be frustrated at your website, and potentially at your wedding.

Bonus Tip: Link to your venue and any other vendors you want to promote, so guests can research ahead of time. (And maybe book themselves if the experience is positive!)

Your Love Story

While you can certainly share how you met and fell in love, this is also a chance for guests to get to know the happy couple individually. Maybe some of your family won’t meet your fiancé before the wedding. Or maybe you’ve never met your betrothed’s long-distance BFF. A wedding website is an opportunity to introduce you and your fiancé to all the guests.

While you want to keep your story short-to-medium length (this is not the time for your romance novel debut!), share special moments or funny anecdotes from your relationship. If there are wedding-specific details that are symbolic in your relationship—like the venue or date—include that, too. Sharing about yourselves and your wedding helps your guests feel like they’re part of your story.


Include Photos on Wedding Website

Use photos of the two of you together throughout your wedding website. This includes engagement photos, but don’t feel limited to that! If you have favorite photos from your tropical vacation or first date, incorporate those on the site, too. Photos are just another way for guests to connect with you, so they don’t all need to be professionally taken.

Bonus Tip: If you plan to use your wedding website post-ceremony, update it with wedding and honeymoon photos.

If you’re using a wedding hashtag for day-of photo sharing, start sharing photos before your big day. That way, no guest has to post the first photo. Did you get a group photo of your gal pals drinking champagne while dress shopping? Or maybe you were sitting in front of five slices of cake during a tasting. When you announce the hashtag on your wedding website, link to the photos so guests can get a pre-wedding sneak peek.

Local Attractions

Whether they’re locals or out-of-towners, guests use weddings as an “excuse” to take a mini vacation. Recommend nearby restaurants and activities for guests staying the night or making a weekend out of it. For an extra-personal touch, note any spots that hold personal significance to your relationship—where you had your first date or first exchanged “I love you.” That way, friends and family can take a personalized tour through the area.

What Content to Include on Your Wedding Website

If your wedding isn’t in a town you’re familiar with—that’s okay! Do a little research beforehand and suggest places that are close to the ceremony and/or reception. This allows your guests to get familiar with the area, so they’re not navigating a brand-new town 30 minutes before the ceremony begins.

Online RSVPs

We did mention earlier that you can’t assume everyone will visit your wedding website; some folks just prefer a paper invitation they can hang on the fridge. But you can still allow online RSVPs if you have a tech-savvy guest list, or friends who are prone to misplacing their mail. Plus, an online RSVP is immediate—you don’t need to wait for the mail, or worry about a reply card getting lost. Of course, when you include your wedding website insert in your invitation package, let your guests know online RSVPs are an option.

Bonus Tip: Don’t use online RSVPs as your only form of response; still include paper RSVP cards.


Your wedding website houses important information that doesn’t fit in your invitation package, like local attractions for guests staying the weekend. It also gives your wedding a personal touch, with your meet cute story and engagement photos. If you want to create a wedding website, but all the content seems overwhelming—Eventective can help!

With our free website builder, you can create a custom site for your special day. Follow our step-by-step checklist to add photo albums, manage your guest list, notify guests of room blocks, and link your registry. Finish it all at once, or come back to it when you have the time. It really is that easy!

How many days until your Big Day? Are you considering a wedding website for it? Share your thoughts below!