Emergency Kit First Aid

One of the best presents you can give your BFF on her wedding day is preparation. During the celebration, it’s unlikely that you’ll be down the block from a convenience store or pharmacy, so your emergency kit means you’re prepared for minor hiccups. This kit reduces the bride’s stress as she looks for a last-minute band aid, and prevents the bridal party from pestering her about bobby pins.

You might have most of these items in your house already—that’s great! Grab them before you leave for the weekend and put them in a separate bag or container from your own personal items. That way, your lipstick doesn’t get used by accident. Let the gal pals know where you’re keeping the emergency kit, so they can access whatever resources they need during the event.

Here are some must-haves for every emergency kit, but you might want to add some bride-specific items on your own. What does she do to calm down? Is there a favorite lotion or special snack that will help re-center her? Keep that on hand, too!

Wedding Emergency Kit Must-Haves

Sewing Kit

All it takes is one heel catching the train, or a bridesmaid elbow getting stuck as she puts the dress on, to rip or tear someone’s dress. But your handy sewing kit comes to the rescue! Perfect for last-minute emergencies, you can patch up the dress and continue as planned.

Bonus Tip: Make sure you have thread that matches the bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses.

Lipstick & Lip balm

Makeup is typically finished hours before the ceremony, so touch-up might be needed. If the bride’s makeup is done professionally, she should receive a small sample of the lipstick to take with her. Keep that sample close by, in case the bride needs to re-apply during photos or before her walk down the aisle. Have a few lip balms ready, too—especially for summer weddings. All the smiling and sun exposure can dry out the wedding party’s lips.

Emergency Kit Lipstick


Stray hairs always find their way, especially on important days. Be prepared for the bride to find an eyebrow hair out of place, or a chin hair that popped up overnight. If the area reddens, dab a little bit of cover up on it, or wait a few minutes for the redness to subside.

Protein Bars

Just like makeup was done hours before the ceremony, so was breakfast. And it probably wasn’t a full meal, either. You don’t want to overeat and feel bloated in your dress! Keep some protein bars for everyone to snack on as the day progresses. Look for bars low in sugar, and high in protein that will provide energy without a crash.

Waterproof Mascara

If the bride has a preferred brand, grab that. Otherwise, any brand will do—it’s not as important to match mascara as it is lipstick. Just make sure it’s waterproof, so everyone can cry without worrying about their mascara running!

Emergency Kit Mascara

Water Bottles

Buy a case of water bottles and put it in the trunk of whomever is driving for the day. Depending on the venue, you may not have easy access to water, and the wedding party will appreciate sips between photos.

Bonus Tip: If there’s extra water, hand it out to guests as they head home.

Assorted Nips

No, you don’t want a tipsy bride. But a small dose of liquid courage can help ease the tension of every eye on her. Choose a few of the bride’s favorite brands to have on hand—just in case. It’s always better to be over prepared on such a special occasion. And if she doesn’t drink it before the ceremony, there’s always time at the reception!

Nail File

Your bride probably got a manicure before the big day, but that doesn’t mean she won’t get a chip—or that the bridesmaids won’t, either. We do recommend purchasing new files for your emergency kit, so no one is using a worn-down tool.

Bobby Pins

Emergency Kit Bobby Pins

Like a lipstick sample, your hairdresser will probably send you off with more bobby pins than you would ever need in a single life—let alone a single day. That’s not a bad thing! Curls fall out, and sweating and dancing can ruin a ‘do. So be prepared for touch-up work as the day wears on.

First Aid Kit

Most venues should have supplies if someone gets cut, but you don’t need to risk it. Keep necessary supplies in your emergency kit for, well, emergencies. Does someone cut their finger on the champagne bottle? No problem! You’ve got band aids, gauze, and disinfectant in your handy bag.


The goal of an emergency kit is to anticipate the needs of the bridal party, so there’s no panicking during an already stressful—though exciting—day. A simple gesture, like handing a protein bar to a hungry ‘maid makes all the difference.

Did we miss any items? What else would you bring? Tell us below!