Maid of Honor Fixing Shoe

If you’ve agreed to be someone’s maid of honor during their special day—congratulations! It’s truly an honor to be so involved and trusted for someone’s wedding. There are plenty of ways you can help your bride leading up to the celebration, of course. But there are also some crucial day-of tasks that make all the difference to a stressed and overwhelmed bride.

Keep the bride hydrated

During morning preparation, the bride is going to have so much on her mind—from getting her hair done, to making sure out-of-town family members can find the venue. She will forget simple tasks, like drinking enough water. That’s where you come in! Being hydrated will help keep her calm and relaxed. Just don’t over-do it so she doesn’t need to use the restroom every ten minutes!

Keep the train photo-ready

Day-of Tasks for the Maid of Honor

If your bride has a train or veil, keep it looking pretty at all times! When she’s standing at the altar, or posing for photos—make sure it’s picture perfect. If she’s walking around for pictures, help her carry it so it doesn’t drag on the ground. You may feel awkward, following her around so closely. But she’ll appreciate it when the photos are taken. Plus, it helps keep the train in good condition.

Keep tissues on hand

Wedding Tissues

For you, the bride—for anyone! Most dresses have pockets, which is perfect for keeping a few at the ready. But be sure to have extras in your purse that’s easily accessible. The bridal party will likely be wearing waterproof mascara, but you still have to be prepared for water streaks and runny noses!

Bonus Tip: Keep the bride’s lipstick and lots of bobby pins, too. You never know when a makeup or hair emergency might happen!

Keep bridesmaids on track

Make sure they know when to arrive for hair and makeup, who’s driving to the venue, and where to stand. You don’t have to micro-manage the crew—just make sure everyone seems to be on track. Remember, the bride has a million things going through her head. It’s easiest for her if questions just come from you or someone else, and not the entire group of gals.

Delegate as needed


There’s a lot of responsibility on the maid of honor. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, remember that you have bridesmaids who are willing to help! You could ask one to bring water and snacks for getting ready. Or ask some to carpool to the venue.


You were asked to be the maid of honor for a reason—because you’re supportive of the bride. The wedding is certainly no exception! This is your time to help out in any way you can, so all the responsibility isn’t on the bride. Of course, you know your bride best, so if she wants to be involved in it all—do include her. And most importantly, make sure she has a blast!