Happy Valentine's Day

There can be a lot of pressure around Valentine’s Day. If you’re starting to panic about that perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day gift—remember that it doesn’t need to be love-themed. Instead, it can be something your partner loves. Just showing that you pay attention is a gesture of love.

If you’re stuck on what gift to get, and February 14 is fast approaching, consider some of these thoughtful gifts. We’ve compiled a list of gifts you should be able to get in your city or general area—no shipping or sizing required!

For example, you won’t see jewelry on the list. It’s is a risky last-minute gift, because the store might not have the right size or color. Though, if you do have the time, watches make a perfect gift for anyone!

1. Ingredients for cooking dinner together

Couple Cooking Dinner

If you’re buying a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift, chances are restaurants are full for the weekend before or after February 14. So bring the restaurant to you! Choose their favorite meal, and get all the ingredients to make it together for a romantic dinner date.

2. Massage for two

Find a local salon with a good rating, get a couple’s massage. Most salons have specials around Valentine’s Day, so you’ll may get a discount or a Vday-themed gift bag. Double the pampering!

10 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

3. Book they would like

If you’re in love with a reader, pick out a book or two by their favorite author. Or a book by a new author you think they’d like. If they have a bookshelf, try and sneak a peek so you don’t buy a duplicate!

4. Flowers delivered to work

Bouquet of Red Flowers

This surprise tells your special someone that you’re thinking of them often, not just when you’re with them. Especially if you have weekend plans, but Valentine’s Day falls during the week. It’s the perfect low-key surprise gift.

5. Framed photo

Find your favorite picture of the two of you, print it, and frame it! If you can’t choose just one you love, print a few and buy a collage picture frame. It’s not just a gift for VDay—they’ll think of you every time they see it.

6. Liquor and a pair of glasses

Whatever their drink of choice, splurge a little for something closer to the top shelf. It shows that you know them, and also want to pamper them a little bit. It’s a great last-minute Valentine’s Day gift you can both enjoy.

7. Perfume or cologne

Perfume Collection

This one might seem cliché, but a nice bottle of perfume or cologne is always nice to have. It can be a light, daily scent, or a little more rich for date nights and special occasions, like weddings.

8. Trip to where you first met

Take a sentimental trip to the first place you met. If it’s far, go for the weekend—or if it’s close, spend the day exploring nearby attractions you haven’t seen before. It’ll be a nice way to remember the past while creating memories for the future.

9. Gift of the month

Okay, this one technically has shipping to it, but if it arrives after Valentine’s Day, it won’t matter! You can have monthly treats sent to your someone special every month—wine or cheese or bacon or beer. You get the idea! They even have a feature to print out your gift announcement. That, you can wrap for day-of celebration.

10. Movie night

Movie Night

Are there movies your significant other adores, but you can’t stand to watch? Surprise them with a movie night where they choose. You might want to set a movie limit, so you’re not up all night watching. And don’t forget the snacks!